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​Crimea votes! (featuring George Galloway)

March 16, 2014 16:11

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Tony Rossini 20.03.2014 06:54

t.hollingswort h 18.03.2014 18:25

Yes, but he is not a "Nazi," is he? This is what makes no sense to me. U.S. State Dept. jews installed him illegally as PM, but it's the ultra-nationalists who now run the Ukraine. Someone please explain this apparent disconnect.


lol, study the collaboration between German Zionists (Jews) and the Nazi Party during 1933 right up to start of WW2.....then you would not be surprised between the tie up between US Zionists & Neo-Con with the likes of Ukranian's Svoboda party and the Right Sector Party.


Tony Rossini 20.03.2014 06:46

The same could be said the two-way trade between Russia and some of these EU nations....particula rly the likes of Latvia, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, hurts these countries first and foremost and not th U.S.
It's time EU grew a spinal cord and developed it's own International foreign policies disconnected from the US


Tony Rossini 20.03.2014 06:45

The problem with Europe in general, is that EU has become a political lap-dog to U.S hegemony.
When US proposes these type trade sanctions, it invariably hurts the European economies far more than the U.S. For instance some of Iran'sbiggest natural trading partners would have been the likes of France, Germany & Italy.
Ask the CEO of car manufacturer Peugeot if having trade sanction with one of their priniciple partners Iran (Peugeot have a plant in Iran) has benefitted them? Last I lookd Peugeot had to cut another 8000 jobs.
Traditiona lly Germany exported billions worth of Industrial & Plant machinery to Iran.


Pierre Richard Carratt 19.03.2014 23:41

The view that the new 'government' in Kiev is 'Fascist' is preposterous! Most of the new appointees are jews! The EU and the 'Americans' planned this coup for years, it was hurriedly enacted as they saw Czar Putin helping his compatriots!

Klitschko and co. are 'Kosher' criminals using the ordinary Ukrainians as cannon fodder so they can flood Ukraine with the sub-humanity of the 'developing' world!


t.hollingsworth 18.03.2014 18:25

Atlanta Bill 17.03.2014 10:39

Guess what? Ukraine's new Nazi Prime Minister is... wait for it... a Jew!


Yes, but he is not a "Nazi," is he? This is what makes no sense to me. U.S. State Dept. jews installed him illegally as PM, but it's the ultra-nationalists who now run the Ukraine. Someone please explain this apparent disconnect.


Nick Tyrras 18.03.2014 03:52

George Galloway has always made perfect sense.


lockanloadpete 18.03.2014 03:08

i can think of no maral srguments against moscowjust the rf strong enough militariy,or financiay?these are my concerns.putin sits on moral high ground without question.does the rest follow?lets hope so.godspeed


Mairam Fatima 17.03.2014 20:19

Michael Hughes comment about J. Kerry "letting victoria run wild" makes the day for me... nice warning for Obama. George Galloway was awesome what a great show thanks Peter


NOtoGMOs 17.03.2014 19:19

Give us an edition of Crosstalk with George Galloway, Pepe Escobar & George Szamuely as the guests and with, say, the death throes of US imperialism as the topic - what a show that would be!


Mary Campbell 17.03.2014 14:49



Evo Immorales 17.03.2014 11:35

Great, A-Bill, you've proved the point once more.

Atlanta Bill 17.03.2014 10:39

Guess what? Ukraine's new Nazi Prime Minister is... wait for it... a Jew!


For a Jew in Ukraine to manipulate neo-Nazis on the street proves how stupid the latter are (ex-Communists with Orthodox-Christian heritage I guess). My indictment here is particularly against the passivity-inducing nature of Christianity. When economy turns down, these same Christians blame the Jews for it - and Ukraine has a long history of that! The real horror is someone Jewish actually leading Ukraine! No wonder Hitler liked!


Evo Immorales 17.03.2014 11:28

The question, A-Bill, is how much they identify with the religion as well as with Israel. Certain circumscribed Jewish communities have their own workers (not just in Israel) but Jews generally are much fewer in lower-paid unskilled jobs. The carpenters you describe are likely to be craftsmen (often self-employed). In NY you will no doubt find SOME Jews in more menial jobs - but less so than for other ethnic groups (Blacks, Irish) who %-wise fill menial jobs much more than Jews.

Hence your comment merely demonstrates my point. By their industry & prohibition on intra-community usury, Jews get ahead over others.


DoAsk DoTell 17.03.2014 08:54

We are all subsidizing the US/EU automobile industry... by wasting our fossil fuel for what?? senseless mayhem everywhere? violent IMF austerity everywhere? crazy reckless puppets in the US/EU/Nato for the top 200 Multinationals running amok everywhere?

What are they afraid of the most? Accountable Democracy worldwide & world peace!

Demo cracy vs drama!


Evo Immorales 17.03.2014 08:06

Nothing disgusts me more, Atlanta Bill, than the ignorant anti-Semites trotting out the Protocols of Zion and similar drivel.

Yet their main claim, stripped of its traditional Hitlerian racism, is correct, as PROVEN by W. D. Rubinstein, The Left, the Right and the Jews, Croom Helm, London (1982) pp. 51 & 227 where, writing to dumb Australians, he demonstrates the absence of a Jewish working class (outside Israel) and the application of necessarily inegalitarian capitalism, thus "magnifying the Jewish presence at the elite, decision-making level and by permitting Jews to establish centres of power (p. 227)."


Evo Immorales 17.03.2014 07:58

Well Atlanta Bill - whatever it takes!

Angl o-America (led by Protestant Christianity) has long teamed up with Judaism to plunder the world's resources. This now extending into Russia itself.

Jus t as Zionist Jews - now with Egyptian complicity - have crushed Palestinians, particularly in Gaza, a warehoused population with epidemics immanent in spring & summer, so Anglo-America intends the rest of the world to follow. A few rich Anglo-American & Jewish families - the rest of the world turned into lifeless slaves.

The Left is failing - so only the Right can do it! Danger of liberal democracy not appreciated!


Chugatai Eltro 17.03.2014 05:59

Russia sell your gas and oil to China and India, instead of EU....since Oil and Gas is limited on this won't be a too bad idea to keep for your future generations when oil becomes scarce....and you don't need those luxury German and improve your own car industry. Now do the math who will lose more.


Evo Immorales 17.03.2014 00:36

Once Ukraine's new & shrunken borders are set - unless West uses the issue to precipitate WW3 - the neofascist regime there will have to deal with the financial Judeo-Christian (actually Anglo-American-Jewis h) oligarchy which will plunder whatever Ukraine has left.

Only when Ukr's dumb neo-Nazis realize they have been manipulated by Judeo-Christian West, will they turn against West, even if your regular speaker Ariel Cohen has shaved off his beard, but for a toothbrush moustache! Nazis vitally important as they understand mismatch of Judaism & Christianity, the stupidity of the latter leading to its subjugation.


Evo Immorales 17.03.2014 00:27

NATO's true masters are not Obama & his floundering flunkeys but businessmen looking for profits in seizing a floundering Russia. This cannot happen with Putin in charge, while the democratic forces there (e.g. Kasparov & the Politkovskaya-gang) have little support within Russia. This is why West willing to join with Ukrainian fascists so as to precipitate savage war in hope of toppling Putin thru an alienated & weary Russian populace turning to liberal democracy i.e. handing over political power to a comprador bourgeoisie, i.e. the sort of Russian oligarch who spends big in London & sends kids to Eton.

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