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​Palestine's options (feat. Norman Finkelstein)

December 09, 2013 07:30

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Rafasa Arandas 15.12.2013 08:37

Russia should leave Israel, Palestine, Syria ALONE


mergon 12.12.2013 12:06

there is a reason why i dont watch cross talk and its the time delay it always ends up with everybody and his dog shouting at once
resulting in half the show being wasted !


Victor Tommy Tommy 10.12.2013 14:54

What an about face for both guests,Norman,the usual honest broker now the zionist, and my dear sister,the once pro zionist now the apologist.Really you are both disguises,and you are exposed


james 10.12.2013 08:56

"the illegitimate state of Israel" bla bla bla. Nobody talks about the 100 million indigenous people killed in the Americas by the Europeans who have stolen 2 continents. People have been fighting for territory as long as they have been around. But because the Jews are considered to be such bad people, although no-one seems to know why, all based on lies, it is considered to be the biggest crime of our time or any time. The USA wants to support Israel for their own interest.


James Peret 10.12.2013 06:21

its orange jews a viut?


Bakhtiar 10.12.2013 04:29

The illegitimate state of Israel has never been as politically isolated as it has been in the past few years. Thanks to countries such as Iran which has created the axis of resistance which has kept Israelis awake all night.


DG4 10.12.2013 03:23

Ms. Sepahpour-Ulrich is excellent. She really knows what she is talking about. It is fascinating to listen to someone so well informed. What a blessing to speak and to debate so freely, as she did. Again, Mr. Lavelle with a great presentation.


inconsequential 09.12.2013 20:39

"Is the current format of [the] peace process working?"

This is a false dichotomy, Lavelle, you should be ashamed. There is no process for peace, only to use the Palestinians as a scapegoat for increased militarism on the United States' and Israel's part. Why would a nation envolved in a "preace process" annexing another countries' territory? Why is the United States providing economic support of Israel, the closest thing to a first-world apartheid state? If you really want the answer to why the most powerful superpower empire in history is unable to solve a simple land dispute, take a look at the facts.


t.hollingsworth 09.12.2013 19:54

Israel will never change. These people, be they believing or merely cultural, unbelieving jews, have a view of themselves historically which vitiates the very idea that other peoples should occupy a land as equal partners with them. These are the chosen people of G_d, whoever that G_d may be.


George Rizk 09.12.2013 16:06

It is correct that a grass root peaceful movement SUPPORTED by public opinion can change evil policies. However public opinion is not there! The reasons are : 1- public opinion is manipulated by the dominant Jewish media. 2- the radical Islamic movement demonstrated that the Arabs are barbaric monsters. Therefore the probability of having sympathetic peace movement is ZERO! From one side the underdog is/has been painted a fanatic monster; and the oppressors are protected by their dominant public opinion machinery. The Islamization of the Palestinian issue effectively doomed any potential sympathy with them.


Evo Immorales 09.12.2013 08:04

Typo in post below. Should be: "to either FLEE or be exterminated"


Evo Immorales 09.12.2013 08:03

More double-dealing from Finkelstein I see. The Apartheid Wall is now actually the boundary of a concentration camp. Should Israel trigger a major war with Iran and its army be fighting in Iraq and Iran, they will arm the settlers to storm the Palestinians - the option for Palestinians to either free or be exterminated.

At least however the Israelis are more honest than the USA or Britain - though not as honest as the Nazis who realized that modern Judaism (=Zionism, most of whose advocates are Christian and US-based) cannot be negotiated with. They can only be defeated by an alliance of others, not just Arabs.


james 09.12.2013 07:24

no Jew hating comments yet? I must have gotten out of bed too early.

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