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Ukrainian refugees

July 18, 2014 13:30

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peter R 10.08.2014 21:06

How can Obama, and those in the UN, live with themselves? They, their nazi appointed kiev killers, destroy hospitals, destroy homes/apartments, cut off food supply, cut off water, cut off medicine, to plain civilians. They, their nazi puppets, prevent humanitarian aid to reach innocent civilians/children. It seems that only Russia has compassion for the sufferring people.


Baerlas 28.07.2014 19:17

I am so happy for these people especially the kids to be safe and away from these murderous nazi criminals. However it is not right to drive these people from the land where they have always lived. 'Ethnic cleansing' just to make the EU and USA happy? What sort of a world is this?


ABDELKADER 20.07.2014 09:08

Indiscriminate bombardments killing thousands of Russians and Ukraine civilians in Ukraine by U.S. paid militants of the Ukraine junta are perfectly acceptable, and not worth even a mention on state controlled western media. But not Israel rightful retaliation against Hamas supporting population who are attacking Israel civilians with continuous barrage after barrage of rockets using women and children to moral and emotional blackmail Western people of innocent goodwill (reserved only for Islamist Jihadist) but totally indifferent to wholesale murder of children by American and NATO backed storm troopers in Ukraine.


Arthur Noble 18.07.2014 20:46

[quote name='Paul Kristian' time='18.07.2014 ]

Your analysis is spot on! Well said!


slava 18.07.2014 16:07

RT that was a very good Documentary, I pray for peace in that country and for all who have suffered there. I hope that RT will do a documentary on Syrian refugees from the civil war that is going on there.


Paul Kristian 18.07.2014 12:11

Whatever the outcome of who shot down the airliner the USA must take responsibility - responsibility for the chaos across the mid east - for orchistrating Poleshenko regime into power and supporting attrocities & genocide in East Ukraine - what kind of society supports the bombing of a Civilian population I fear for the people when the Fighters are unfortunately overrun I believe every able bodied person would have to either escape over the border or fight to the death because or standby and be murdered by these Nazis - so the point is if the US had not supported then a civilian plane and 297 would not be DEAD

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