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Gaming 4 life

06.02.2013 05:30
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­For gamers the computer is everything, so much so that they can even earn money through tournaments and sponsorships. Some even meet their future spouses online, but for others games can take up too much of their time and affect family life. Psychiatrists and psychologists argue whether or not the human mind can be negatively affected by games, but for many they instead serve to help bring people together.

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Ailayna Entarria 07.06.2013 12:20

Brain just runs your blood. Mental state and Psychology is different issues compare to brain. Brain doesn’t responsible for anything. Mental state does. And every individual responsible for their mental state. Of course today’s world strongly advertises that how you born psychologically - there is nothing can be done about it which of course in reality a total lie.

As For gaming - it’s a creative expression, possibly one of the best that exist in the world today. Any addictions or mental issues that were invoked during gaming only reviling what was in once mind long time before PC experience accrued.

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