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My first rifle

October 18, 2013 10:30
Michael Loccisano / Getty Images / AFP

Most kindergarten kids learn how to paint and tie their shoelaces; in Kentucky they learn how to handle shotguns. As the gun debate rages across the US, this shocking report explores its teeny-popper culture.

Terese Stiles is a board member at the Louisville children's hospital. On a daily basis she witnesses the risks of the massive gun possession in Kentucky. "Every year in the States 15,000 children are treated for gunshot wounds", she explains. The numbers are shocking; 8 children die each day as a consequence of these wounds. "It's mindboggling that they market guns to children. They make them pastel blue and pretty Barbie pink and call them cute names like Chipmunk, as if you belong to a Disney club". Yet the locals aren't deterred, believing it's all about how they're handled. Sherwood Davies runs a gun store in Cumberland County, selling over 2000 weapons a year, including a children's 'my first rifle' range. He is adamant that, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Everything requires supervision". Down at the local Woods family farm, kids TJ and Alex have been armed since they were 2 and 3 years old. "The positive side is...they learn a lot of responsibility," their mother insists. Every weekend the local shooting range is packed out with kids learning to handle weapons. "There's around 300 million guns in the US. So you can act like they're not here, but when kids become curious about what they don't know, that's when accidents happen".

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Dax 17.03.2014 23:57

Technica lly it would be an M4 rifle. If you look closely there is a logo that says "Black Ops" which is the brand of a toy gun maker...but they removed the orange "flash supressor". If you look closer you will see it is made of plastic. What they did was to make it look like it was from police "evidence" judging by the tag....which is blank anyway. The sad thing is that they actually sell AR-15/16/4 looking rifles for kids....except they are .22 instead of .223 caliber rifles.

Killerorca can watch it on You Tube.


Jeremy Thomas 29.10.2013 07:13

Why would you post an image of an AR15 on a story and then outline that it was "My First Rifle" as the brand? My First Rifle is a far fetch from an AR 15 and I feel it's just contributing to the media's demonization of the black rifle family.


killerorca 26.10.2013 01:14

hey rt why dispaly this program if people cant watch it.

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