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American golem

June 12, 2013 09:30
Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

The global financial crisis is widely discussed in the cold office towers of corporate America, but its most hurtful impact is on the residential buildings that have been hit by a wave of foreclosures. Over 500 thousands Californians have lost their houses. In San Francisco alone more than 15,000 people are homeless and there’s been a 60% increase of the requests for shelter, now counting at 12,000 per year. This documentary tells the daily struggles of some exemplary individuals who have lost everything, yet manage to survive.

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MIKE WOOD 05.12.2013 13:02

How about Americans admit they treat the poor like Lepers.They who have it all never blame The Banks do they.Just think one day YOU may be on Skid row !!


Karen Rivers 28.07.2013 22:37

Some of these comments are very disturbing. It appears that some people have no understanding of what's occuring & frankly don't care because it hasn't happened to them - yet. The only way they comprehend is when it happens to them personally. But hey, don't worry, folks. It may have started with poor blacks and Latinos but it's going to get lot worse and your chance will come.

Anonymous user 28.07.2013 13:53

How about we send the losers to Moscow to take advantage of the Russian welfare system....

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