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James Caan is in - on start-ups, first drone arrest & British army ‘torture’ [E71]

April 12, 2014 09:30

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DoAskDoTell 27.04.2014 12:20

Also, all these CRIMINALS

. .."chosen people/eugenic/genet ic/Gmo" Apocalyptic

Fear/Hate/ Rational dogmas (indoctrinated in gullible infantile "adults")

..."br otherhood" domination CULTURE

... has to go into the dustbin of HIS-story

T ime to break free from all that... to get rid of big bank criminals who want to sabotage all our endeavors at democratic moderate self-restraint institutions and progress toward real enlightenment and cooperation on our home ecology.

Co ncentrations of takers, plunderers of the past => toward diversity, decentralization, more open access to production and redistribution systems! :D


Evo Immorales 14.04.2014 22:16

Caan's efforts for SB are necessary but not sufficient. Only the deposing of finance capitalism can achieve this - & both left (Lenin) and right (Hitler) had achieved some success in this. Caan demonstrates how Judaism's egalitarian prohibition on moneylending within its community makes it a willing servant. Yet control over banking, let alone the state of Israel, proves that Judaism is a horrific master - as Hitler well demonstrated in his homicidal response to it!

So don't single out Hitler & Nazis for blame! England pioneered expelling Jews with homicidal fury after Crusades. Europe followed: Sp., Fr., It.!


Evo Immorales 14.04.2014 22:07

Caan represents the positive side of Judaism in banking - honest lenders whose viability through genuine goodwill makes up for the lesser interest changed. But he thinks only as a banker or capitalist, not understanding that now in the epoch of capitalist decline, very few small businesses (SBs) will ever profit since the market - local & international - is shrinking with continual layoffs and falling wages.

Nor does his bank take equity in a SB since such an idea is the essence of Islamic Banking where the banks cannot rule over the people. In Australia the Reserve Bank is now privately controlled by banks!

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