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Saakashvili’s world
Why is NATO burying the CFE Treaty? I tell you why. What does Unity Day mean in Russia? Sadly, it means different things to different people. Additionally, I tell you something about the world according to Saakashvili. Watch this Sunday for much more... 10.11.2007 21:00

'In My Humble Opinion' is a weekly programme aired every Sunday and hosted by Russia Today’s political commentator Peter Lavelle. The programme is a weekly commentary devoted to events happening in and around Russia. IMHO’s mission is to provide a unique perspective covering the areas of politics, economic, business and society in the post-Soviet space. IMHO’s hard hitting format will make you think differently about Russia and how Russians think about themselves and their country.

OSCE boycotts Russia

This week IMHO has a look at the OSCE’s election monitoring boycott of Russia. As well as the ecological ...

17.11.2007 21:00
Putin’s pulpit

This week’s edition of IMHO has a look at what is on Putin’s mind, the Orange Revolution three years on ...

24.11.2007 21:00
Electing the future

This week’s addition of IMHO has a look at Russia's election cycle - parliamentary and presidential. It isn't ...

01.12.2007 21:00
Counting the votes…and complaints

This week’s IMHO has a look at allegations that Russia’s parliamentary election was rigged. Also, Iran ...

08.12.2007 21:00
Medvedev as Russian liberal

Everyone likes to call Dmitry Medvedev a liberal. Well, its true, but he is a Russian liberal.  And, I give my ...

15.12.2007 21:00
Putin's Time

In this wek's edition of IMHO I have a look at Vladimir Putin as Time's "Person of the Year". Also, Dmitry ...

22.12.2007 21:00
What is in store for 2008?

This week IMHO presents predictions for 2008. Thumbs up and down for whom? What events will make the news. And will ...

29.12.2007 21:00
The British Council standoff

Russia and the UK are at loggerheads. Hopefully, this bi-lateral relationship can only get better. And what is the ...

19.01.2008 21:00
BRIC countries to the rescue!

Russia will weather the current financial instability. Why? Because the world has changed. Today, it isn't only the ...

26.01.2008 21:00