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In the Now

Black box truth (S2E108) A still from RT video
Germanwings co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane that killed 150 people, Saudi Arabia and Co bomb Yemen, and the ruble is getting back on track. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitte... March 26, 2015 20:00
In the Now

"In the Now" with RT's Senior Political correspondent Anissa Naouai is the first dedicated nightly Primetime show to air live out of our Moscow headquarters. Host Anissa Naouai has worked in the field for almost a decade and has reported from over 80 cities across the globe. Now from Monday to Thursday viewers can enjoy fresh, honest, and hard-hitting news coverage on some of the world's most pressing issues with one of RT's most experienced journalists . We put the spotlight on stories you'll never hear on mainstream networks or even in RT's daily news bulletins. "In the Now" broadcasts LIVE Monday-Thursday at 8pm Moscow, 5pm London, 12 noon New York.

A still from RT video
​Falling (S2E107)

Saudi Arabia beefs up defense as Yemen descends into chaos, Serbia may seek compensation for NATO's bombing of Belgrade and a Former Lufthansa pilot is In...

March 25, 2015 20:00
Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko
U-turn (S2E106)

Weapons for Ukraine are on the table again in the US Congress, America’s U-turn on China’s AIIB Bank, Israel's snooping, and CNN’s new-found...

March 24, 2015 20:00
BreedHATE (S2E105)

Greek showdown in Berlin, France looks right, and NATO drills into Russia. Like us on Facebook:

March 23, 2015 19:12
Police officers stand outside the parliament in Tunis March 18, 2015.(Reuters / Zoubeir Souissi)
Lost & Not Found (S2E104)

Tunisia is dusting down terror, Europeans see a sea of Russian spies, the Pentagon loses weapons in the Middle East and ISIS has drones. Like us on...

March 19, 2015 20:00
Boiling Points (S2E103)

Terror in Tunis, chaos in Frankfurt, results in Israel, and political fun in America. Like us on Facebook:

March 18, 2015 21:47
Reuters/Baz Ratner
Swing of Things (S2E102)

A fight for the right in Israel and Bibi feels the heat, Crimea tales battle true facts and the euro almost meets the dollar. Like us on Facebook:...

March 17, 2015 20:00
Participants in a space bridge with the city of Sevastopol held on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the referendum that brought Crimea back to Russia.(RIA Novosti / Maksim Blinov)
Votes Count (S2E101)

One year since Crimea voted to join Russia, the US U-turn on Syria and a push to talk to Assad. Meanwhile, Nazis are glorified in Europe. And yes,...

March 16, 2015 19:26
RT video screenshot
Media Wars (S2E100)

Who's buying what message as the EU ramps up support for its own broadcasting arsenal? Plus, Ferguson is back in the spotlight – this time the cops were...

March 12, 2015 20:00
RT video still
Insiders (S2E99)

Russia is slammed by outsiders, Saudi Arabia kicks India out of the top arms importer spot and drones fly over D.C. Like us on Facebook:...

March 11, 2015 20:26