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In the Now

Sticks and Carrots (S2E140) German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga, Latvia, May 21, 2015.  (Reuters/Ints Kalnins)
Chaos in Syria, the EU meets in the Baltics, Bin Laden documents, oil spills, and a new kind of Putin are In the Now Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: May 21, 2015 19:14
In the Now

"In the Now" with RT's Senior Political correspondent Anissa Naouai is the first dedicated nightly Primetime show to air live out of our Moscow headquarters. Host Anissa Naouai has worked in the field for almost a decade and has reported from over 80 cities across the globe. Now from Monday to Thursday viewers can enjoy fresh, honest, and hard-hitting news coverage on some of the world's most pressing issues with one of RT's most experienced journalists . We put the spotlight on stories you'll never hear on mainstream networks or even in RT's daily news bulletins. "In the Now" broadcasts LIVE Monday-Thursday at 8pm Moscow, 6pm London, 1pm New York.

Reuters / Amr Abdallah Dalsh
That’s not my name (S2E139)

Leaked emails reveal how the West was playing both sides of the Libyan conflict, hoping for regime change, but planning just in case, and a former...

May 20, 2015 20:00
​Headhunting (S2E138)

The man who exposed UK nuclear negligence turns himself in to police. Saudi Arabia headhunts for new executioners and tens of thousands protest US...

May 19, 2015 20:00
​Capture (S2E137)

Islamic State captures key Iraqi city, what a Soros foundation is doing in Macedonia and how most Bostonians oppose the death penalty for the marathon...

May 18, 2015 20:00
Still from RT video
Sailing (S2E136)

Another flotilla is Gaza bound, Ukraine promises more blood, oil's rising and South Korea isn’t so sure about that apparently executed official from...

May 14, 2015 20:00
Still from RT video
​Zero Tolerance (S2E135)

Obama accuses Iran of supporting terror, revelations of horrific treatment of mentally ill prisoners in the US, and the Vatican recognizes Palestine....

May 13, 2015 19:17
​Whistleblowing (S2E134)

Kerry’s in Russia, Greece pays up, and the US war on whistleblowers ramps up – former CIA officer John Kiriakou is In the Now. Like us on...

May 12, 2015 20:00
Osama bin Laden (Reuters / Handout)
Obama, Osama and Lies (S2E133)

Accusations of lies surrounding Osama bin Laden's death are slammed by mainstream media. Greece is set to pay up and ethnic tensions are on the rise in...

May 11, 2015 20:00
Victory (S2E132)

This week 70 years ago Nazism was defeated after the deadliest war in history. Over 60 million people lost their lives in World War II. Some 30 million of...

May 07, 2015 20:00
Homeland (S2E131)

We look at how the FBI missed the Texas attack, China's bidding to become a reserve currency, Saudi slaps and France's drowning of millions. Like us...

May 06, 2015 20:00