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Episode 36

June 26, 2014 22:00

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comixarma 28.07.2014 14:18

September? Oh man...


M Raghavan 30.06.2014 16:06

Anissa, you are brilliant! Your intelligence, insights and lucid presentation style make In The Now one of the best news broadcasts I have ever seen. Looking forward to Season 2!


jamessimpson 29.06.2014 03:05

Absolutely, brilliant presentation, very competent and well worked. Content news worthy and presented reasonably fairly. great programme. Not missed an episode. Well done you have self belief in the content it comes over. You are probably the best journalist on the channel. Good luck, hopefully see you on RT in September.


Lothar Zogg 28.06.2014 14:51

Good show, glad I found it, it is a great replacement to the other show RT has with another american young female, that I can't stand any longer since I understood she is a gutless coward.


ron 28.06.2014 04:12

Thanks Annisa!! You are one of the sharp ones at RT and nobody has your sense of dry wit. We are all very lucky to have seen you. I don't think I missed a show.
What to cover in Sept.(suggestions)? Besides the current unfolding global catastrophes(think of any 6 that come to mind); here's another: The globe is relentlessly becoming more and more radioactive. Besides Fukushima, we have a mind-boggling number of nuclear disasters. Spills, leaking, explosions, millions of tons dumped into the oceans--Russia, England, USA, and France have been polluting the planet with nuclear waste for decades. It all is still hot.


Jack Forest 27.06.2014 11:00

Oh no, end of the show season.That was a fantastic last show.
6_In The Now. Anissa, she is so cool, so … ( I’m grasping for adjectives.) amazing, exotic, strong, switched on.
I love your show Anissa.


James Reese 27.06.2014 07:36

In the Now is one of my favorite news shows. It fills the gaps and gives me a fresh perspective. Thanks for doing a super job :D


Davood 27.06.2014 05:20

This is still one of the best and most poignant moments in News reporting: tiny url . com/lkxz995

Never forget the true nature of the Genocidal Empire.


Evo Immorales 27.06.2014 02:27

Missing out on 28/6/14 when someone important is so likely to be shot!

We need more news since even RT cannot cover it all - though what you have already is much greater than Lehrer's Newshour which covers over 50% of genuine US-based news coverage.


Davood 26.06.2014 22:12


I would rank In the Now second only to Crosstalk.

Great first season!

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