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Episode 628

July 17, 2014 08:30

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Ammon 24.07.2014 07:44

I'll bet the robobees make crappy honey.


Dan Fonse 22.07.2014 06:13

another great show with a great analogy...but fear not, all the RoboZombieCrooks have a day of reckoning.


Ian C 21.07.2014 23:30

Yes bees are vital and without them we will be starved, look at some of these genetic companies like Monsanto We cannot play god and many bees have been killed as a result of their poison food. Now they want to put robotic bees how insane is this world becoming.


Rodney 20.07.2014 19:43

Where has Saturday's episode gone.... Dont tell me Max has met a sudden 'accident' after wishing the Banksters would get into a circular firing squad and shoot... IF ONLY


ketchup bottle 19.07.2014 11:19

This max guy looks like he's going off the deep end


DoAskDoTell 18.07.2014 15:49

Kids, on earth, "Freedom" must come with "Limit"
... or go to Mars asap (see nasa map) lol


jimbo 18.07.2014 09:48

lets eat the rich


Cyborg 17.07.2014 10:58

No room for LIFE.

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