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Episode 540

December 24, 2013 11:30

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Leon Breaux 26.12.2013 17:29

For RT IT -- for several shows now sound has been out of synch on Keiser Report. Macbook Pro Mavericks, Firefox 26.0.


Mohammed Fayiz 26.12.2013 08:48

Max makes me laugh with tears for our long to drill on our head?


Freesaxon 25.12.2013 15:47

Another great Show.

Very amusing start, Santa HAS to be a commie dressed in red, fixation with redistribution of goods, those poor elves in their workshop Gulag,

Happy Christmas to you both !


Tim Caffery 25.12.2013 07:57

That would be nice, BitCommodities. Don't just buy silver or gold, inject it into the most amazing human accomplishment this side the digital age. Don't just take currency from nation states, take commodities from the Stock Exchange! Man, I wish my daughter is alive to see the NYSE broken, like the Golden Calf (LoL, JK), but really. It's a joke without commodities. Gut it, please? Bit it do death.


Tom Mysiewicz 24.12.2013 23:00

Great show. Very useful information.


Togwando 24.12.2013 12:58

This topic is Epic Fail. You have no idea what your are talking about. These actions open dialog to business, not threaten the imaginary Santa Castle with the more imaginary "threat" of global warming that's demanding a real banker tax. Tell you what. Try to figure out where a beach party happens in an Ice Age. Then you will know what real starvation is.


Randi Scott 24.12.2013 12:48

Up here in Canada we'll have the standard Canadian Reaction. We'll watch it all unfold on TV and say "Oh that's awful" and that will be it.

The USA was the first to send it's warships into the Canadian arctic without asking permission. They were the first to INVADE their weaker neighbour to the north. They still want us to think of them as our friends.

Wh at can we do? after all... Who can make war with the beast? It's biblical.


Iqbal Halani 24.12.2013 11:39

China can give the world the best Xmas present by wrecking the unlimited dollar printing press of the Beast. A start would be for an innovative economist to come up with areas where funds may be parked instead of in US Treasury Bills. An alternative to the Belgian Swift Clearing and the Swiss BIS based in the Far East is also required. Its sick, this business of investing trillions with the big satan for it to spend pivoting the same investors with trillion dollar military spending.


jerry tarnacia 24.12.2013 11:09

Who ever has the biggest weapons will win the drilling rights! that country will get to see its citizens die under freezing water that only a cold blooded mammal can survive in. Cold-blooded mammal...pretty funny huh?
It cant be found? ANOTHER FORM OF ENERGY? Fulton ran ships up and down the Mississippi during the 1860's-1890's using steam engines, someone else cant figure how to do it in a car? EE GAD MAN!We don't have to keep killing the planet!We don't, really, we don't....

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