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Episode 541

December 26, 2013 08:30

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Freesaxon 30.12.2013 12:32

A point Max was making in a past programme about intrest rates and debt.

Some of the news media sites over here in Britain are stating

>>If rates do not rise above 3% by 2018, then the Resolution Foundation suggests 1.1 million will be in "debt peril".<<

Debt Peril what a quaint term.
going on to say ..
>>The UK unemployment rate this month recently fell to 7.4% during the three months to October, the lowest level since early 2009, which led some economists to predict that the Bank may raise rates as soon as next year.<<


Freesaxon 30.12.2013 11:21

Tom Mysiewicz 26.12.2013 20:06
Yep ....good points about Hitler and Gobels


Freesaxon 28.12.2013 19:05

Freudian slip ?

I'am no Liberal but there ARE some Jews out there !


pakposse 28.12.2013 00:49

Don't Believe the Hype: Boxing Day is a disgusting cover up of the kinda moral holiday we all have seen from banks today. Boxing Day was invented to celebrate the Boxer Drug Wars to turn China into the worlds biggest opium den thanks to the british sense of fair play, and america helped along the way and a fair number of peerages were awarded by that welfare queen.


Kevin 27.12.2013 22:48

You mean Get Real will be a show to waken those fools who spend £50,000 on a handbag which may only cost £20 in raw materials, and those fools who will pay $700 for crypto-cyber-fiction al currency?? The first person who should "get real" is the over hand-gesticulating Jan Skoyls, and get a life.


Jānis Mucenieks 27.12.2013 08:30

Jan Skoyles hot hot hot!


Seha Alturk 27.12.2013 06:16

Plastic or rubber will do just fine.
You don't want to advertise animal cruelty
on a jolly good show.


Tom Mysiewicz 26.12.2013 20:06

Max, you must be Jewish! Hitler admired American Indians and he and Goebbels declared the Sioux Indians "honorary Aryans". So I doubt very much that he would have made a statement to the effect that he patterned his genocide on the genocide of the American Indians. (I also doubt he would have used the word genocide.) Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show, including Chief Sitting Bull, toured Germany and Europe during the early 1900s and so many people in this region idealized the Plains Indians.


wilko 26.12.2013 17:51

Max great show as always……..please do something on the shoes get some leather shoes made... plastic or rubber does not do it, the best for the new year to you both.


Stephan B. Feibish 26.12.2013 17:38

About miners shutting down when the price of the metal has gone below the cost of mining. I believe I have first hand experience with this. A silver miner I owned in the early 1980's (Sunshine Mining) kept producing silver I believe below the cost of production. Eventually they went out of business and Apex bought their assets. Jim Rogers has recently echoed the same thought. These miners tend to keep producing metal after the price dips below the cost of production.

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