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Episode 544

January 02, 2014 07:00

Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (AFP Photo / Alastair Grant)

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In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the scary banking clowns, the alleged decline in bank robberies and the Times’ ‘Briton of the Year,’ George Osborne, causing a nation of a million mortgage holders in ‘perilous debt.’ In the second half, Max interviews Danny Blanchflower, a former external member of the Bank of England's interest rate-setting Monetary Policy Committee, about the disastrous UK economy, George Osborne’s policies and the BoE decision to buy UK Gilts rather than other assets during this crisis.

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Gary 10.01.2014 17:23

Blanchflower advanced a specious argument. On one hand he says that savers who lost out only have themselves to blame; on the other hand he played a part in interfering with interest rates to protect borrowers who made the wrong choices. So the borrowers are blameless? Enough of central planners - let the market decide interest rates and let individuals take responsibility for their own actions.


Love & Theft 07.01.2014 02:20

If U are unable to access Report 545. Don't click on it from the home page. Click on "Shows" and select Keiser Report from the list.


Dennis Addy 05.01.2014 11:24

Most people don't even know what equities are, let alone follow them.

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