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Episode 545

January 04, 2014 06:30

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Neter 07.01.2014 12:39

I have nothing against crypto currencies, but if we follow the logic expressed in the show that money is payed to get goods and services, and gets value only when it is exchanged back to goods and services, WHAT ARE these goods and services Bitcoin derives its value from?
Money, real money, should precisely be a dynamic accounting of goods and services exchange, while Bitcoin derives almost all of its value from speculation, not real exchange!
Why was Bitcoin designed as a speculative asset, rather than a means for real exchanges accounting?
And yet it is misrepresented as money for the people, by the people...


Lord God Almighty #2 06.01.2014 22:15

oh, i'd like to buy some gold, but i understand modern gold is undergoing spontaneous decomposition into tungsten. is this true ?


Mark Talmont 06.01.2014 04:32

I believe Max has said quite definitively that the market will collapse within 2 years starting from his initial statement last summer. Something to the effect that he will "eat his shorts" on air if it doesn't happen. You could probably find the statement on one of 2013s archived shows as he definitely repeated it, try around July-August-Septembe r.
Regardless of this particular point Max stands nearly alone in covering what is really going on in areas such as gold and silver. The U.S.-based financial "news" is almost entirely a disgraceful shill operation for the money changer parasites.


Colin Dempsey 05.01.2014 19:58

Oh I see, you extract a dollar, GBP, YEN amount from your bit coin wallet at a store. So the exchange rate is the key rather than any specific value of one bit coin.


Colin Dempsey 05.01.2014 19:45

Ammon: buy fractions of a highly divisible unit. So are these fractions actually useful to buy stuff? Do they(shops who accept bitcoin) display prices Bc 0.005 or something?


DaveWalker 05.01.2014 17:46

They are always talking about the imminent collapse of the London Housing bubble but never say when they think this is going to happen. Anyone go any opinions about this?


Love & Theft 05.01.2014 10:48

I am interested in Bitcoin mainly for its remittance properties. My problem is I have a pension from a country I don’t live in. The pension is currently deposited in a bank account then is “wire transferred” (a wire transfer template is not easy to get) to a bank in country of residence.. In order to use crypto, I would have to somehow get it converted at issuing point and then find a source in country of residence to convert to local currency. As a pensioner I can’t stand major fluctuations in value. It wouldn’t be an investment. It’s a matter of survival.


Ammon 05.01.2014 10:43

@Colin Dempsey - "for the not rich too"
1. Access via cell phones
2. Option to buy fractions of a highly divisible unit
3. Alternative crypto coins cost less than pennies each
4. No credit checks or minimum deposits required
Sounds optimal for the not rich if you ask me.


Colin Dempsey 05.01.2014 06:55

Crypto-currency needs to be useful for the not rich too. It is way over valued at present.


Colin Dempsey 05.01.2014 06:51

Freesaxon and Capucine: I do agree that 'a one size fits all culture' is useless. I have a sympathy with the Freesaxon statement...'Countri es should be redeveloped on a NATIONAL level, not by moving hoards of people around the globe' . The point about mass immigration is, 'the ship sinks'. Language need to be understood via translation instantly; however, many languages have died because they were not good enough, Latin and Sanskrit being good examples.


Freesaxon 04.01.2014 23:22

Only Russia & China stand in the way of their plans.
......... .....
Perhaps `Only' is the wrong word to choose


Freesaxon 04.01.2014 23:09

N.W.O tick list ( almost there)
Destroy the powerbase of men in society
Destroy religion
Destroy marriage & family life
Destroy ethnic I.D ….. Multiculturalise
Destroying nation states becomes easier
Global Governance Global enslavement


Freesaxon 04.01.2014 23:05

About 300 ish years ago China was poised on becoming a World power through its trade, via its shipping fleet and industry.
However the Emperor at the time recalled the ships when he realised the negative influence the sailors were bringing back into China.
China has eased its `one child per family policy’ as it wants China to be populated by Chinese, GOOD ON THEM !
This will all amount to nothing, if they take on board corrupt Western `culture’ ?


Freesaxon 04.01.2014 22:54

The sooner all concerned realise that people have been treated as a `raw material’ by the N.W.O the better.

`The Wests’ form of democracy, is like a poisonous franchise, that enslaves the workers on an international basis.
Countries should be redeveloped on a NATIONAL level, not by moving hoards of people around the globe.
Countries are forcibly multiculturalised in order for the next step of the N.W.O ........GLOBAL GOVERNANCE !


Colin Dempsey 04.01.2014 19:56

Capucine: 'forced to get out of your own country'
I blame all other countries who don't get it together, 'Australia' hasn't been going as long as many of them and it is way better.


Colin Dempsey 04.01.2014 19:31

Capucine 'how the Western world created it by colonization'
I did not mention any country the effect works the same in all countries, it just so happens the it is occuring again in Britain.


Jul. 04.01.2014 16:07

I still do not trust bit-coin or any Other such Crypto.
For the simple reason that anything man made can be
undone by man. And will be Soon in the form of a ,
Quantum Super Computer.


Sir Percy 04.01.2014 15:32

*Capucine *Altier is polluting.
Chinese is investing billions to create jobs and infrastructures in UK. Chinese immigrants poor or rich mostly are hard working and achievers in each of their own capacities.
Spill your poison somewhere else, not here in the RT Community.


Sir Percy 04.01.2014 15:30

*Capucine *Altier is polluting.
Chinese is investing billions to create jobs and infrastructures in UK. Chinese immigrants poor or rich mostly are hard working and achievers in each of their own capacities.
Spill your p

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