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Episode 546

January 07, 2014 11:30

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Rafael 04.02.2014 20:54

Liam Halligan stated Q1 was necessary because of too big too fail, which it only goes to perpetuate a lie and the fraud it hides.
The ususal proceedure when a bank fails is for the government to intervein it, manage it while getting rid of the bad assets, clean it up and sell it back to the private sector
Mexico nationalized ALL banks in 1982 and resold them many years later to stop a collapse and it worked out, so why would the US government take over the biggest FAILED banks and did the same?

All those failed banksters would have been sacked instead of sucking more wealth


Alex Gregory 11.01.2014 16:39

You have discovered the British Class system and how backwards it makes this country. The best schools and education has resulted in almost zero joined up thinking. Everything seems to be dealt with on a 12 month time scale resulting in long foreseen issues coming to a head. Energy an ageing population employment issues and so on. The establishment could not do a better job the 'the enemy within'


Mark Wadsworth 08.01.2014 21:00

That first half is a good summary of how Home-Owner-Ism works and who is really behind it.

Replaci ng taxes on earnings, output and employment with taxes on the rental value of land will sort all that out!


Mark Wadsworth 08.01.2014 20:59

Good stuff. That first half is a fair summary of how Home-Owner-Ism works. Replacing tax on earnings, output and employment with taxes on the rental value of land would sort all that, plus lots of other problems besides.


Robert 08.01.2014 18:28

Advances in science and technology over the past century have laid the foundation for abundance while our current system is dependent upon scarcity in order to exist. The Overlords are trying to resolve this conflict by creating artificial scarcity. Bitcoin is designed from the ground up to be absolutely limited. It is a perfect deflationary mechanism to concentrate wealth and yet is derived from an infinite resource (numbers) that have zero intrinsic value. So while Max promotes Bitcoin, he rallies against artificial scarcity in the London real estate market. How’s that for a little cognitive dissonance?


DissidentView 08.01.2014 14:29

Did Max Keiser just say that debt (all debt included) was about 1000% to GDP?

No wonder these British are constantly on the look to plunder, destroy & exploit new countries around the globle. The cry for war against Syria, Iraq, Libya and Serbia by the Cameron regime & his predessessors becomes sensical against this scenario.


Neter 08.01.2014 14:05

Max, you and your guest praise Bitcoin because there will be only 21 millions of them. But because of this, as more people get in, and it gets subdivided until the eight decimal, it means that the price of a Bitcoin wil have to go up, up, up and up...
It means that Bitcoin is the perfect speculative construct BY DESIGN!
Such design will create a superincentive for speculation and all Bitcoin will probably ever be is a "vortex" of speculation sucking speculators in. (Ponzi, anyone?)
Its role of a currency as means of exchange wiil be totally sidestepped.
The question is, how long can such empty speculative vortex last?


David Topple 08.01.2014 08:25

Nothing changes, does it? (Except the previously rising wages of course.)

' reason why house prices have been rising so fast, particularly in the south-east of
England, is that, while real wages have been going up and foreigners pouring in, little new housing is being built.' (The Economist, 7th August 2004.)

So, the choice seems to be more and more housing swallowing the countryside, or endlessly rising prices (until they eventually crash of course). Bizarrely, I have the feeling that we're now getting both of these symptoms.


Diozark 08.01.2014 06:44

Sorry to say but yes people hide their heads in the sand, there afraid, to fight, sad time for all of us. Im fighting my tushi off and no one will help, I found one person but they back out when they discovered I had lost it mentally one night, what a coward. So I fight the fight alone, thats the way it is.


R 08.01.2014 06:25

I tell people daily that the Gov is stealing another freedom or stealing there money and they look at me and stick their head back into the sand!

Yes we are in the Titanic heading for a Berg.


R 08.01.2014 06:21

I have been showing articles of massive fraud and corruption and videos of the same to many others and they respond with a simple "oh" or a simple "really" then most say "I don't want to talk about Politcs!" Then the next words out of their mouths are "hey have you seen the price of gas, or I can hardly make from pay check to pay check!" but they do not want to talk about politics. I am beginning to believe that the government has truly found that the people are STUPID AND WILL NOT PULL THEIR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND! It makes it very easy for a Gov to run them over financially and I am almost ready to join in!


Love & Theft 08.01.2014 02:28

Why am I thinking of that event in British History where the entire treasury was mired in a marsh outside London? It was a short cut ….You see?

The only solution is to whip the horses harder; and if no one in Briton can do it? Get yourself an American Cowboy. It is after all the horses fault.


jerry tarnacia 07.01.2014 22:44

ZERO percent interest on my savings? OH thank you MR. SC UM B AG politician!!! No interest on the money I put in your bank and you Mr. Criminal Banker get free money from the Central Bank and tell me I cant have interest on my little savings account.". This must stop, BANKSTERS getting FAT bonus's and I get nothing on my savings but a smile when I make a withdrawal from the idiot behind the teller window...."OH THANK YOU!!!".


jerry tarnacia 07.01.2014 22:34

the same corrupt scheme went on in the USA and it wrecked the countries economy and it is going to happen in the UK.
It is also now happening again in the USA and due to a passive citizenry, the banksters and sc am b ag politicians will get away with it AGAIN! The criminality is beyond anything ever seen before and the avg. citizen in both countries is oblivious to it. The thieves see that the citizens are not rioting and so they will do it until there is dangerous civil un-rest and then the 'rebellious'/true patriots will be thrown in jail!



LimitsToGrowth 07.01.2014 21:45

Solution: Strip the state back to the minimum from 55% to 15%, reduce child benefit to 2 children, stop the government printing money and provide no state help to immigrants who have not put at significant amount of money into the tax system over 5 years which will force the 'Lazy Brits' into work and under no circumstances give right of stay by handing out any more British passports......then and only then will the pull factors will become push factors.


Paolo Clenturo 07.01.2014 21:41

Great episode Max- loved it!


Paolo Clenturo 07.01.2014 21:41

Max you are a freaking legend! I wish every news presenter was like you - we would have a different world if we did!


Tim Caffery 07.01.2014 20:51

He's my kinda journalist! Successful enough in his career to not be on "the margin", making him lucky enough to not have to worry about it. That's what I wanna be when I grow up, aconcerned (not a misspelling) citizens. Kinda like an atheist or agnostic believe in god to disprove him. To him, this god is: a rounded up, concentrated, Social Darwinistic, identification process, that obsesses over associating material possession w/ "voluntary" ; (Latin) poverty. "We traded" kinda 'fairness'. The motivation to trade, is a traitor (betray), not of generosity (Hiroshima), or empathy. His family name sails on oceans of blood.

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