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Episode 574

March 13, 2014 08:30

Andrew Burton / Getty Images / AFP

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Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss bashing the markets with metal pipes in order to save the markets. As a result - Libor fraud, gold fix fraud, ISDA fix fraud and now Forex market fraud - each fraud is a whack, bam, bash to the market; trying to defraud the market to save the market. In the second half, Max interviews Kyle Torpey about MtGox, Dorian ‘Satoshi; Nakamoto and sovereign cryptocoins.

Comments (7)


David 16.03.2014 01:32

Does RT have an official opinion on anything?


Dan Campbell 15.03.2014 11:20

You might expect Aurora coin to start shooting up, after their comments here. And it looked like it did yesterday, a very short blip. But on average during the day, nothing happened.


Kevin 14.03.2014 10:19

Max. No need to interview Kyle Torpey again. He's an example of the fools investing good money into this cyber-crypto-klepto BitCoin nonsense. His logic in argument is like listening to a child standing up in a Court room promoting the reality and truth in Santa. Claus.

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