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Episode 574

March 13, 2014 08:30

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David 16.03.2014 01:32

Does RT have an official opinion on anything?


Dan Campbell 15.03.2014 11:20

You might expect Aurora coin to start shooting up, after their comments here. And it looked like it did yesterday, a very short blip. But on average during the day, nothing happened.


Kevin 14.03.2014 10:19

Max. No need to interview Kyle Torpey again. He's an example of the fools investing good money into this cyber-crypto-klepto BitCoin nonsense. His logic in argument is like listening to a child standing up in a Court room promoting the reality and truth in Santa. Claus.


Kraig G. Johnston 13.03.2014 18:07

Max Coin! Max Coin! We want Max Coin!


DoAsk DoTell 13.03.2014 17:36

There is no real wealth/"money&q uot; when we are spending the future for today's wars & proxy wars... The fake "growth" is really moving stuff around "theatre", but now, even when the "moving" (financial, violence) has diminished returns. War-makings = only losses for our home planet.

Bes t way would be world peace, worldwide democracy, truth & reconciliation, human's cooperations on all levels to make the world happier & more secure.
Democracy VS Drama: Democracy is sane.


Rick 13.03.2014 16:37

Just read in the Daily Fail money section the other day the mortgage endowment provider companies are ripping customers off again big time again.

Lega l & General (Our endowment mortgage company) profits on investments have enjoyed a stock market thats soared by +47% in the last 5 years, so l was looking forward to a nice little pay out, a big boost to my endowment policy that matures.

But no Legal & General have said endowment policy holders will marked down by -20% another massive shortfall in the last 5 years added to a policy thats already a big down when policy matures this year.

Have l just been mugged


Colin Dempsey 13.03.2014 09:34

Defication has an appropriate association for the content of this program. However, the bashing of heads with metal bars, I think will make more patients for a countries health facilities no doubt increasing profits; that is fixing one problem by creating another one. I guess that is QE.

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