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Episode 575

March 15, 2014 13:30

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DoAsk DoTell 17.03.2014 11:37

The West's system: money = banks. Banks abused the taxpayers, bankrupt the system. West's system is broken because it's too wasteful for no reasons other than let the top 200 multinationals trash our home planet.
It's easier and saner to create a new trading currency based on real labor, real needs, real accountable democracy.


Love & Theft 17.03.2014 06:50

It's a matter of modern accounting. The banks/corporations make disgusting profits each year. At year end their books have "HAVE" to show assets vs liabilities as equal, otherwise it's taxable. So they have to distribute this lump of $? Brother-in-law first; corrupt pols/pals, lobbyist, advertising and don't forget CEOs bonuses. All getting the lump down to equal total assets. The atonishing thing is the people working in this Hierarchal dysfunctional system beleive these frauds deserve the $ more than they do.


Ar Jafari 17.03.2014 06:23

Why won't he say the failed banks should be dissolved? He's still preaching socialization of losses for banks and misplaced penalization for unions negotiating in good faith. Don't bother bringing him back for an encore because it's the same broken bankster record


Kristophr 17.03.2014 03:40

Concerning the Dow ...

The Dow Jones Index stocks were worth 43 ounces of gold in 1999. The Dow is now worth 12.5 ounces of gold today.

Anyo ne who held DJI during the last two decades was severely clipped.


Kristophr 17.03.2014 03:36


The Fed owes the German government over 400 tons of gold that they stole, after supposedly holding it for them.

I'd say the Fed will either steal the Ukrainian gold, or give it to the Germans ... that gold would have been safer anywhere else but in the hands of those theives.


Love & Theft 16.03.2014 09:25

I think the whole of the 21st century in western governments can be summed up in this statement:

"Yes, we have problems; but they are secret. Yes, we are fixing the problems; but only as long as we can fix them in secret".


James Reese 15.03.2014 21:48

On March7 the NY Fed supposedly confiscated Ukraine's gold, 36 tons, for safe keeping. Care to comment?


Sestra Lily Yankovski 15.03.2014 20:22

Great show once again, best quest yet! Glad there is a second part with this financial big wig for real~!~
but, please keep the names of quests longer up on the screen and make reading material Stacy does MUCH BIGGER as there is always plenty of space left~!~

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