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Episode 576

March 18, 2014 13:30

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Love & Theft 20.03.2014 00:52

It goes back to "The Clinton Doctrine". The crafting of financial intruments into weapons of extortion and intimidation. (crafted by a overexuberant and incompetent infants at the fall of the SSRs). Like all weapons; you just can"t get enough of them. What this did was to give countries like Germany and Japan (both having Insatiable ambitions for imperialism (or neo-colonizism) a new weapon to pursue their inherent ambitions (without having to maintain a standing army). The foundations of instability has its roots in Robert Rubin and the Clinton Doctrine.


Paul Stanley Mee 19.03.2014 23:34

o/ Max, here one for you. I lived in Maxwell Road as a child, funny that, hope your well. I wonder if we entered into WW3 how would that effect Wall Street and stock exchanges across the world?

So many dodgy high risk outcomes hhhmmm :-)


CelticRaven 19.03.2014 07:01

Chris Whalen, hmmm. Likes Jamie Dimon ~ thinks he's a good guy and believes that he's not committing fraud because he can commit fraud? Thank you, Max, for putting this apologist against the wall. However, I have a niggling feeling that Mr. Whalen, who is friends with fraudsters and writes books about fraud may jussst be closer to fraud than just that. I don't like him and won't be buying his book.


Evo Immorales 19.03.2014 04:04

That's right cc. It's the circular reasoning at the top. The bankers blame the government & the laws. Government blames lawyers and bankers; lawyers blame bankers & govt. In this way everyone is covered and can claim complete innocence.

I.e. it isn't Jamie Dimon ALONE - as if American capitalism is curable by shooting the president (as anarchists did to McKinley back in the 19th century). It is an elaborate old-school network which is stronger in Britain than elsewhere. In Germany, Russia, France etc. the networks were cut by war & revolution. Now they merely copy Britain.


cc 19.03.2014 03:34

Is this guy for real?

I just heard him say (after saying Jamie Dimon is a great guy), that we can't be mad at the bankers because the problem is in Washington... they didn't enforce the law.

I see: I stole all this money but you didn't stop me ... so it's your fault. Got it.


glen scotty 18.03.2014 21:56

Hi. I just watchedyou picking on Canadians high level of debt to income level. Yes we have high debt levels BUT we high net worth and that is why it is not a problem. Our real estate values do not fluctuate like u.s. values because our banking system has more control of our banks. Please show both sides of the debt-asset picture. Glen F. in Bancroft Ontario, CANADA.


Dan Campbell 18.03.2014 15:14

"Fascism American Style..."
W he would have taken that further. Could be an amusing tangent, and might have even triggered a FASCCOIN.

N ice educational discussion; Chris and Max explain Puerto Rico's role as the 'Second Federal Reserve district'; starts at around 18:30.

I like watching Max's colloquialisms, played off against more 'proper' expressions that Chris uses.

" ;We would all be in a very bad place right now"?
WOULD be? What the...?

This was fun to listen to. But Max trying to convince a fellow banker, that Jamie Dimon is 100 percent responsible for his actions, is a noble but vain effort.

- DCWhatthe


Colin Dempsey 18.03.2014 11:41

Threats to crash 'the system' since ever since Jekyll Island if not before else where in the world. The banking illusion of wealth 'fiat currency'. Ive lost all my didgits.

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