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Episode 590

April 19, 2014 16:15

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Jack Forest 10.05.2014 07:14

Interesting show. How tragic. I used to think that when the truth came out everything would change. Well, the truth is all around us. But not yet the seachange the world needs
Time is running out.


Bof Thegaffe 22.04.2014 14:21

Evo Immorales 22.04.2014 03:17

...but we still live under capitalism...


Evo, capitalism is a loaded word, mostly due to Marx who twisted it into a straw man in order to vilify private property and free economic exchanges.
Capitalism is an economic system where private parties exchange through a free market. It carries no ideology, unless you absolutely want to consider the natural desires of humans (to be free, to look after themselves and to have their own stuff) as an ideology.
Look around: we live under strong states with lots of control/coercion. We don't live under capitalism.


J Perttu 22.04.2014 03:57

The US has the highest defense spending, however Russia has excellent hardware and the Soviet Union's hardware is better than most overpriced US garbage today. Russia's current weapons and the ones inherited definitely outclass most US equipment. Then there's troop quality like high amount of obesity and stupidity in the US ranks. Most of that defense spending is waste to fill the coffers of parasitic defense corporations and contractors that are way overpriced. A wise man would throw his cards in the Russian hat.


Evo Immorales 22.04.2014 03:22

The fancy theories Bof rightly enumerates are those of monotheism, a notion, once atheized, that leads to ideas of egalitarian democracy, that everyone is fundamentally equal. But people are not equal since character differences are fundamental and not genetic (the latter being the Nazis' error). Nazis' SS and hierarchical system ruling over capitalists contain the nucleus of the future.

The future elite will be based on caste as Nietzsche saw & Sorel intuited. Fools & crooks like Sartre, modern Marxists and Western Left have ignored or misrepresented the situation.

Why Russia & US both call upon Christianity!


Love & Theft 22.04.2014 03:20

[quote name='Bof Thegaffe' time='21.04.2014
I agree entirely. Unfortunately the only way to convey information so the public can understand is to refer to it as Capitalism; or a paradox in linguistics. (The “word”- “Christian” implies the teachings of Christ, yet a lot of Christians agree that the teachings of today are a far cry from what Christ actually taught).
From a religious perspective (“And the word is God” or; “Keepers of the word”) reveals a desire to control the word, and not allowing the word to control itself. In short the conquest of all religions.


Evo Immorales 22.04.2014 03:17

Very True, Bof...

Bof Thegaffe 21.04.2014 14:31

Why these fancy theories fail? Because they run contrary to human nature.
People desire freedom and to take care of themselves first, which is why communism cannot work. They have ambitions too, and this is why a classless society wouldn't work. They also like a free lunch, and that's why capitalism does not work as a political system.


...but we still live under capitalism in decline since capitalistic owners still rule and engineer the world the way they want. But human caste (character) differences will decide; Nazis pioneered this!


Susan saldivar 21.04.2014 19:05

Matt Taibbi is such a great journalist! The world needs more men and women like that, with guts enough to call it like it is. What a man!


Bof Thegaffe 21.04.2014 14:31

RockyRacoon 19.04.2014 21:02

...we need to proceed to creating a POST CAPITALIST CLASSLESS SOCIETY. ...Why doesn't socialism work?...


Why these fancy theories fail? Because they run contrary to human nature.
People desire freedom and to take care of themselves first, which is why communism cannot work. They have ambitions too, and this is why a classless society wouldn't work. They also like a free lunch, and that's why capitalism does not work as a political system.
Another way to reach social justice would be to promote better (more virtuous) humans. But that's hard work too.


Bof Thegaffe 21.04.2014 14:25

Misrepresenting a concept then attacking the misrepresentation itself is hardly a way to get ahead. It's confused thinking. Please look in a dictionary under 'capitalism.'
People have to realize the system we live under is not capitalism. In fact, the little capitalism that still remains today is being choked by a strong state, controlled/manipulat ed markets, and the loss of respect for private property.
There are many nametags you can affix to the present system (I personally think it's mostly facism: merger of big corps and the state), but 'capitalism' is probably the one that is furthest from the truth.


Harry Moore 20.04.2014 17:17

The invisible hand is up your president's back.


Love & Theft 20.04.2014 01:50

Thanks for the JP Sottile interview. It all goes back to what you've said earlier Max. The Fiat Currency. Once the money printers are subverted, you don't need Public Opinion. You don't need the Justice System and you don't have a Free Press. Where's my Check? is the new slogan for both the UK and US public. As long as they get their check there is complacency.
NAT O serves the same role as the British East India Company did in India. You can't tell me Europeans don't know this. They have no role in its decision making process.


Evo Immorales 19.04.2014 23:37

The love of democracy is fatally naïve. Capitalism has reached its declining phase - and in such a pessimistic era democracy is counterproductive. Democracy is blind to being manipulated by the financial elites but worse still - the masses are too stupid once they do take power with 'genuine egalitarian democracy'.

With such genuine democracy the financial knaves will soon take power once more. The future is not naïve Leninism, where he adopted anarchist slogans then found that the Soviet Union didn't work - hence the NEP. Rather, it will be a caste system to reflect fundamental human differences.


Evo Immorales 19.04.2014 23:33

USA needs excuse to intervene militarily in Ukraine as Putin sends in army to rescue persecuted Russian-Ukrainians there. Will it be Yaseniuk to be sacrificed as the centennial Archduke Franz Ferdinand?


Christopher Storey 19.04.2014 23:12

Let's not spoil it Max, welcome to Valhöll.
Yours truly

Might I suggest Stephens Stills - Love the one your with.


jerry tarnacia 19.04.2014 20:07

It is sad that a lot of the West's citizens are oblivous to the fact that U.S./European Corps. are interested in the gas pipelines as well the fertile farmland that the Ukraine posses's.
Will Putin allow the theft of Russia 'breadbasket' to occur?Putin is operating from a 'We can still be friends' positon and will be perceived as 'weak'.The West will be emboldened and push the issue to its eventual conclusion:Russian capitulation or WW3.
Max's guest did a great job in exact referrence to the who's & what's but people should be able to figure it out.The Ukraine conflict is all about resource control/exploitation .


Ric Shorten 19.04.2014 19:23

As the USA declines into a third world country...the collateral damage is their warriers.

U S special forces have been committing suicide at record levels for the last two years, the head of the US Special Operations Command (SOCom) admitted in a speech on Thursday.

"Ther e is a lot of angst. There's a lot of pressure out there. My soldiers have been fighting now for 12, 13 years in hard combat. Military suicides increased across the board during that time, to the point that suicides (349) outpaced combat deaths (311) in 2012, according to a Guardian analysis in 2013.

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