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InfoWars: Who pays the price?

May 28, 2014 11:30

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Pierre Dumont 06.08.2014 08:43

Who pays ? the locked-in reader himself. We should stop buying western newspapers for they're all part of a vast propanda machinery formating fragiles brains, that is to say most of them, worldwide!


DoAskDoTell 01.06.2014 12:49

We are still very much in modernity so "pomo" is another Hollywood BS for their regular "dumped down" audience.

B ig 6 Media = to sell their space/time/words to the "highest bidders"

Truths: 99.9% of humanity (& other species) are innately fair and compassionate THUS the need for War-mongers aka US (and other costly riff-raffs) 24/7 Lies/half-truths/Spi ns to demonize "The Others" and steer us away from sensible/sane Alternatives

The Elites prefer for all of us to be in the CLOUD & utterly clueless, helpless, fearful, hateful numbskulls

They are terrified if their Monopolies die!

Their ideology or NONE prefered


NOtoGMOs 30.05.2014 18:22

7) Don’t forget: beg, borrow or, if the worst comes to the worst, buy a copy of Stuart Sutherland’s ‘Irrationality: The Enemy Within’.


NOtoGMOs 30.05.2014 18:21

6) …that at least some of the criminal foreign adventures of Washington (& some of the perversion of democratic processes domestically) must be attributed to irrationality – in particular, to an ability that human beings have to an extraordinary degree: self-deception.


NOtoGMOs 30.05.2014 18:21

5) You might think only the rhetoric of Western power-élites is becoming more & more divorced from reality, not their true strategies & thinking – e.g., rhetoric ‘promote democracy in Syria’, actual thinking & strategy ‘create chaos across the Middle East’. Yet so much harm is being done to the future interests even of the Western power-élites themselves …


NOtoGMOs 30.05.2014 18:20

4) Less easily disputed is Alexander Mercouris’s point that, as the Western Establishment becomes more & more divorced from reality, the system will break down in more & more serious ways. That has already begun to happen & only the wilfully blind refuse to see the evidence. Unfortunately, the ability to maintain a wilful blindness to disagreeable facts is much more widespread than is generally realised. For a scary examination of how thoroughly irrationality permeates human behaviour, read Stuart Sutherland’s ‘Irrationality: The Enemy Within’.


NOtoGMOs 30.05.2014 18:20

3) In any case, propaganda machines like the BBC newsroom generally do not mind some previously-suppresse d facts being made public AFTER the irreversible damage has been done & the Neo-con objectives accomplished. The truth coming out then is truth coming out too late.


NOtoGMOs 30.05.2014 18:19

2) The widely-held belief that ‘truth will out in the end’ can only be an article of faith. Often ‘truth outs’ only in that some academics or specialists learn the facts while the general public remains in the grip of myths propagated by power-élites.


NOtoGMOs 30.05.2014 18:19

1) Although I respect Alexander Mercouris I’m afraid he was being wildly optimistic when he said that (even if sometimes only after much misery) the truth will usually come out in the end. It is logically impossible that the relevant evidence for such a claim could ever be presented: no one could ever point to & sum all those instances where the truth never did come out.


Vic 29.05.2014 23:13

Right at the beginning Pepe Escobar pointed out an important fact: 'we are witnessing an emergence of global public opinion'.
This is one of the steps toward the formation of the type 1 planetary civilisation.


Zina Saidova 29.05.2014 14:07

This show was a monthly show about Russian economy. I guess The Russian economy is not so in good health if u don't talk about it. . The last show was in january about Sotchi. U come back after 4 months without news about Russian economy. Only bashing the way the western news work... It's ridiculous. You could make show about The St peter economic forum... but nooo .. let's bash the western journalist .. pff.. It's so hard to get real economic news from Russia..


Neter 29.05.2014 12:01

Great panel discussion.

I particularly liked John Laughland's last words of the show.


Zikk Maabus Invictus 29.05.2014 00:03

but the EU *IS* the most complex political organisation ever conceived. that much is true, it's not propaganda, or perhaps i am brainwashed like they say.

there's old money in the US, but in the EU there's oooooooold money... cut through the bloated parts, the bureaucratic tumours on the body politic, and there is something good there?

i am biased, being a social democrat and avid multi-culturalist, but still, there needs to be change, right? you follow that path down, heed the vox populi, and pieces of it start to fall away, where is the money? it's the economy, stupid.

oh, the questions on my mind.


James Reese 28.05.2014 23:54

I read news to stay connected and informed with the world. When the narratives don't fit the facts, I start to question and explore news outlets where the narrative represents the facts, and then I found RT :D Thank you RT for standing up for honest, factual news that give us the true story. John Kerry can go suck on a catsup bottle.


Evo Immorales 28.05.2014 22:46

Quite right, RockyRacoon. Marx's ideas are coming back even in Australia (not as badly hit by the GFC so far). The Australian gov't is persecuting the poor & unemployed to an unprecedented degree in a declining economy. Hence even the general populace is in shock at the extremism, naked greed & broken promises of the government.

Good anti-greed economists in Australia have helped understanding here - notably Steve Keen who regularly appears with Max Keiser!

Rus sians learnt from Soviet period to distrust the media. Australians long dumbed down by ex-Australian Sir Rupert Muckrake (Fox Network) & others.


Evo Immorales 28.05.2014 12:58

The use of the term 'postmodernism' varies, use here being 'pomo', the idea of rejecting all narratives & history in the elite interest. That Russia has turned back to Christianity is interesting in that the Ukraine putsch is spearheaded by the Jew-Protestant alliance (Judeo-Christianity in the economic sense).

Protestant ism is extremely individualistic & democratic, totally different to Catholicism. Parasitic Judaism combines with greedy Protestants (USA) to make money at the expense of their own society & foreigners. Ukraine's Orthodox Church yet to wake up - if at last they do, bishops to bless pogromists!


Evo Immorales 28.05.2014 12:52

The contraction of the media narrative in the West has been going on since the early 1970s, starting with the increasing economic cutbacks in the wake of the stagflation which ended Keynesian deficit spending in force since WW3. The decline has been ongoing for 40 years now, but only serious since GFC.

Such distorted contracted narratives can be followed in other literature, that of the German comic periodical Kladderadatsch (found online) being striking in its increasingly hysterical & distorted presentations (cartoons too) as WW2 turned against them. Close analogy to Western narratives today!


Evo Immorales 28.05.2014 12:47

Media narrative much more restricted today even though war has not formally begun. In WW2 even after the fall of France, Orwell noted in England the existence of a 'Peoples Convention' movement calling for peace, involving Christians but essentially funded by Nazis & Communists - due to the Nazi-Soviet Pact.

Orwel l wished to round them up & hang them all but what is amazing is that in England (mid-1940 to mid-1941) such a peace movement could exist openly enough at all!


Evo Immorales 28.05.2014 12:43

Wish I'd been there. Excellent discussion from all speakers: Sir Rupert Muckrake must be negotiating prices with assassins!

Loughland's point about news articles in competition with one another e.g. with dog walking & footie, reveals the fact that editors believe that the readership comprises "one normal human type" (Nietsche), this being a homogenous mass of halfwits i.e. the democratic ideal, and that like democracy, everything SHOULD BE tailored to the mediocre, since that is the majority & that it what sells.

RT's task has to be to break from that, hence monetary bottom line means death of any media organiz'n.

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