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Toward Sochi

January 25, 2014 08:30

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Enrique 08.02.2014 21:56

c) Another positive trend for Russia is the geopolitial decission of China to replace part of its Australian imports of commodities with Russian ones.
d) And, also in the area of tourism, the development of the "Golden Sands" gambling and theme park resort in Anapa now have an opportunity after the "Eurovegas" ; gambling resort in Madrid has been buried. "Golden Sands" could serve as the biggest gambling resort for 800 million Europeans and 200 million people from the Middle East (Dubai doesn´t accept gambling)
c) Public projects for infraestructure (Transiberian railways, high speed to Krasnodar, superhighways)...


Enrique 08.02.2014 21:49

There are some positive internal and external trends;
a) An €urozone recovery means also more Russian exports, as 50% of them go to the E.U. That will add one percentage point of GDP growth.
b) A devalued ruble and the Sochi effect means this year about 3 million Russians more and 2 million foreigners will spend their vacation in Russia. Tourism will increase, and that will ad thousands of jobs....but Russia needs to attract foreign talent in several areas like RESTAURANTS and HOTEL MANAGEMENT. I think many Spanish Restaurants want to have a Sochi branch.


Enrique 08.02.2014 21:45

An interest rate cut from the Russian Central Bank will be necessary for more GDP growth. But, for that, inflation has to be cut to 3%. So, an agreement with trade unions and more competition inside Russia in areas with high prices will have to take place.

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