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Growth in transition

February 22, 2014 08:30

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conservative one 01.05.2014 23:53

Please. Since when is consumption the way to growth? Is Russia looking for a "service" economy too. A country needs to have a self sufficient culture and that doesn't mean stuffing one's face with fatty cakes while watching some idiotic TV show or playing video games, like in America.


Enrique 08.04.2014 01:59

First, Russia needs to increase productivity so inflation can be cut.

Third, now that energy prices are coming down it is a good moment to increase investment in the private business.. Credit should be granted to small business companies.


Carl 23.03.2014 03:00

Growth? How is it calculated?

It's not so important. What should be measured is quality of life, healthy citizens, quality food, sound monetary policies not hocus pocus. I this currency being leveraged so that it becomes worth less.

Russi a is a different system then the USA so don't use the markers that are used here. Measure Russia's economy in a manner that is consistent with the Russian economy.


James Reese 20.03.2014 04:55

Economic success comes with producing what others need or want. Financial success is encouraged when money is a tool, a medium of exchange, rather than becoming a systematic confiscation of wealth by banksters.


DoAsk DoTell 13.03.2014 17:49

Capitalwhatever = unknown (yet to be defined) monster = a monster with no name, really.
Its growth is Modernization, World Wars & Overpopulation (in response to wars) & Massive Wastes (Artificial Scarcity of Limitless Desires, Landfills & Pollutions)

De-growth is simple: Accountable, reasonable local governing & cooperations of everyone & fair productions/trade/di stributions & world peace. Tapping the potentials of human's best instincts/creativiti es for sharing our home planet.

No more Dramas, Fears & Self-loathings.


Denis Viktorovich 27.02.2014 23:22

Mushrooms and elephants grow to a certain size too. And than... They die.

The only sure way to "grow" Russia is in de-centralized style with local economies that address the needs of local populous.


Paul Beyer 24.02.2014 05:59

I have been to Russia, their economy is almost completely independent to outside countries.

these top 1% talk like they want to Change Russia into how the U.S.A. is.

Sounds like they want Russia to buy into mortage backed loans so their debt can be traded which will lower the Value of the rouble even more.

Russi a needs to invest in itself and rebuild roads and bridges. Rebuild their continent like what China is doing. Build High speed modern railroads, paved roads, more infrastructure.

They need to invest into the small business with government funded projects to build Russia into the future. Solar farms, etc.


Paul Beyer 24.02.2014 05:48

These guys are full of it. Talking about small buisness B.S.
It haven't worked in the U.S.A and it will not work here.
They are talking about moving away from oil and natural gas being tied to the market, what they are really talking about is more taxes.

Russia needs to invest more on infrastructure, Roads, bridges, high speed internet, indoor plumbing outside the main cities, electricity.

The government needs to invest into small construction buisnesses all throughtout Russia.

I have been to Russia and I have only seen paved roads in Moscow..
All the Roads need to be paved!

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