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The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur Disillusioned with Obama's "Pro-Establishment" Presidency

April 24, 2014 16:30

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corbryn 18.06.2014 10:51

Either this Gentleman is not a genuine 'independent media' source or he lacks knowledge of history and geopolitical realities when it comes to Ukraine. No reference to U.S/E.U. regime change possibilities with much evidence on the table along with examples of recent similar history on other countries. interesting.


Түвшинбаатарийн Мишээл 15.05.2014 13:03

I am pretty sure that if this was little bit more heated Cenk would have Hit him in the face.


Michael 05.05.2014 11:50

Young Turks...right....the rest of the world could have told what you are moaning about. Obama is just a puppet and has been since he ran for President. My advise is go back to Turkey and stop criticizing the country that gave YOU an opportunity.


Guru of Machiavelli, In the Corridors of Power 04.05.2014 16:54

The USA is the greatest nation in the world! It had Black slaves and it has evolved to even have White slaves! Wow!

During his election campaign Barack Hussein Obama spoke like a revolutionary Field Slave and raised the hopes of a multiplicity of peoples within and without the USA. After being elected he decided that it is better to be a House Slave and say: Yes! Massah! to the Capital and Corporate interests which control the Oligopoly called USA (masquerading as the world's leading democracy)! Wasn't George Bush a White slave too?!?

The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur is similarly another House slave of Turkish origin.


Dave Harpe 03.05.2014 18:47

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Volker Schendel 03.05.2014 10:54

Since the western governments bluntly lie, i had to turn to RT. It was a good choice. Normally one would expect propaganda from the russian side. Well, they don’t have to go there. It’s sufficient, to produce simple good journalism to contrast the official lies. Larry king puts together in a great way opposing well informed people and I have a chance, to find my own opinion. Great show Larry.
Volker H. Schendel, Hannover, Germany


Lauren Lee 02.05.2014 19:39

IllyaK 29.04.2014 11:17

Remove Larry King and his phoney lunatic Dem-Rep apologist Zionist cadre of simpletons from RT at once. Or I will take your site down.


You have absolutely NO POWER to take down RT, you against The Russian Federation, get real. WHY don't you get your news elsewhere you fooloish little girl.


Carl Thomas 02.05.2014 16:27

I suppose that Cenk thinks that the Kiev lynch mob of thugs that are in place is legitimate? Cenk you are a sellout! There Will never be peace when major media sources and figures (like you) keep distorting the truth and out right lying to us. I agree, Obama sucks, but you sure do support his war agenda as much as many of our elected officials. Putin is up for Nobel prize, and I have yet to hear any public threats from him as U.S. leaders are doing. What's up with all these sanctions? All I'm hearing from US leaders is more guns and stink Cenk, and once you had my respect..


mergon 02.05.2014 10:47

No mention of of UK police distorting the crime figures then !


William 01.05.2014 15:11

I cannot understand the Russophobia and myopic distortions that is the US perspective on foreign affairs. I am saddened and shocked that even Cenk, usually rational and well informed, would cast Putin as a 1930s guy ( translation: Stalin). It must be something in the water over there that prevents them from seeing the world through other's eyes and their responsibility in creating this crisis. "American exceptionalism" has infected them all ! God help us all, and I live in Canada.


trugreen 28.04.2014 09:08

Obama is not in charge, Jews are in charge,
Black are stupid, timmid, lazy, ignorance, uneducated and easily corrupt and manipulate by the jew's money supplies.


Nemanja Jevtic 28.04.2014 01:21

Mr. Larry, great show. When you invite this gentlemen I would very mutch liked to hear from mr. Larry Elder, why is he support all those wars? A lot off innocent children have already died in wars.


Carl 26.04.2014 12:21

Larry, another great show. I really appreciate the way you upfront ask your guests the Snowden question. It really segregates the brave from the cowards, the free thinkers and speakers from the "I'm just into this for the money and I only say what I am paid to say" types.

It is a way more powerful question than what it appears on the surface. I believe your experience over the years makes you like no other in the whole media spectrum. Your service is invaluable please stay true to your own standards.


Red_Shiraz 25.04.2014 22:16

Part 1-Obama disappointed white American voters by sticking to Wall street and Zionist's agenda.He disappointed black entirely by breaking his election promises.He even betrayed 10m latino voters with his immigration reform.But that aside,if,god forbid,he gets assassinated then you will see the real holocaust in USA.The whole US army,navy and air force will be fragmented and infighting will break out amongst them.Federal service,fire brigade and police departments all will fall apart.From New York to LA all Jewish shops and businesses will be ransacked and beset on fire just like 4th of July.


Red_Shiraz 25.04.2014 22:15

Part 2-The final wrath will come from nation of Islam,when minister Farahkhan will declare holy war on all US dual citizens with Israeli passports(By the way Louis Farakhan is called minister in USA,but according to Islamic world and Islamic jurisprudence,he is a recognized Imam for the nation of Islam in united state and therefore is entitled to issue Fatwa anytime,anywhere).Wi thin minutes of assassination Israel's embassy no more but a pile of ash.But it will be in FEMA camps where the real holocaust would take place.So in case there is a notion by Zionists that they might get away with that,well you be dead wrong.


Dr Who 25.04.2014 20:43

On speaking of President Putin Cenk was saying that Putin would want more. Can he say why the Turks invaded Cyprus unlawfully?


Guru of Machiavelli, In the Corridors of Power 25.04.2014 19:36

Initially, Mr. Cenk Uygur sounded promising but the moment he said words to the effect that Putin can only be stopped by tanks vis-a-vis Putin's alleged intentions towards Estonia it became clear that he is just a parrot of another part of the Establishment (the non-Obama part, say).

It is America which is and has expanded NATO. Russia is only protecting her interests as ANY self-respecting Sovereign Nation should.

In the words of Scott Rickard (who appeared on a few episodes of CrossTalk) Mr. Cenk Uygur is just another parrot regurgitating parrot feed with an amazingly similar capacity to many of his ilk.


Tatiana Lawson 25.04.2014 18:58

What for Russia would ever need Estonia, Mr. Cenk Uygur? Estonian people belong to Germanic group -- language, culture and religion. Next thing you know, Mr.Cenk Uygur will say that Russia will invade Turkey -- for Russians like to go to Souther Turkey for vacation... Really? By the way I did vote for Obama in 2008 & 2012, and John Kerry in 2004. I will vote libertarian this time. Good luck with your upcoming midterm election.....

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