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Former UN Amb. Bill Richardson on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and Why He's Still Not 'Ready For Hillary'

July 17, 2014 19:25

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Randy Hitt 30.07.2014 02:04

Obama and the Democrats/Catholics are the ones who invited these invaders here to steal our jobs and our everything else.

To listen to a curr dog like Richardson blame the American people is like pure BS.

Richard son and his ilk are all traitors who deserve only to be shot in the face.


Marzih Stelmack 28.07.2014 19:22

why no one ask or How no one look there is any possibility thier have been bomb inside plan or some one as a suicide, if not why not. reason plan had been cut to thousand pieces from inside and out , why not from inside, who knows.


Dyer Danforth 28.07.2014 01:15

Every US politico has his lips firmly agrip a circumcised chode.


Aryan 25.07.2014 14:26

Please contribute something towards `Gaza disaster fund`
Today is Quds day in Iran therefore millions have come out to join anti Zionism march across the country.A national TV reporter was interviewing few people about their motives for being there .There was a little girl with her doll,which compelled TV reporter to question her for being there. The little girl replied,I am here to show my solidarity for Palestinians.Then reporter asked her why have you brought your doll alone?She said,I brought my doll so she can show her solidarity with Palestinian kids.


Think Peace 25.07.2014 11:29

I believe Richardson is looking to run in next Presidential race therefore he needs jewish money so is obligated to speak in favour of Israel! All US politics revolves around to secure this money so he is not any different than US politician. Larry, please don't bring this guy and like him on RT again otherwise I have abandon watching RT for ever!


Apollo 25.07.2014 09:43

Please RT replace Larry King with someone young and fresh!!!


Think Peace 25.07.2014 08:30

Why this guy Bill is allowed to be on RT? He is and has been so Pro-Israel since I can remember his face so why RT allowing so willingly this guy to speak on the Gaza/Palestinian conflict? He is just blaming keep on blaming Hamas and Iran that is the west and Israel are doing since the foundation of Zionist state of Israel!


Mohammed Iqbal 24.07.2014 20:48

Destruction of Gaza going on for more than two weeks, why RT is not covering the human tragedies in Gaza. World need to break the silence and speak about this worst kind of human suffering and destruction in Gaza. Only, and only Russia and China has some clout to influence, but why they are silent. It is sad.


Aryan 24.07.2014 17:24

Dear RT,could kindly organize a donation box labelled `Gaza disaster fund` where all peace loving and politically aware RT's audiences can contribute to it.In return I will come up with the best of my comments posted on RT(for the past few years).Any other show host can come up with a juicy news or article can auction it towards the kitty.

Than k you RT,the true voice of voiceless.

One world,one love.


Soufyane Zellat 22.07.2014 23:29

I can't see the video. I live in Lille, France. Can someone tell me how to watch it? Thank you


Jack Forest 21.07.2014 06:14

RT should dump Larry King and his soft nonsense.


Carl 20.07.2014 18:55


BTW Richardson looks great.

He keeps saying the same old same old that the USA should use its influence to persuade (beat brutally) nations to the Israeli point of view. He even went as far as saying that when he was UN Ambassador the votes were stacked against Israel.

Wel l that's because the votes from nations are based on interpretation of laws and the crimes Israel commits. He wants exclusive political influence so that Israel is never brought to justice.


Carl 20.07.2014 18:55

As far as Egypt and turmoil in the region well that's the manifestation of Israeli politics getting the USA to do it's dirty work as now Egypt is. He's not fit to be a spokesman nor an American political leader and is unable to see Palestinian issues fairly.

Whe re is the evidence that Palestinians kidnapped and killed three Israeli's?


Carl 20.07.2014 10:31

Wow what a disappointment!!! Richardson sounded like a programmed robot. His views are not based on fact, he just spewed the official script and he is not American. He sounded like a hired lobbyist for Zionism. By him supporting Israel he is anti-American because it's just more wasted resources and conflict for America.

Ar e there any Americans in American politics?

L arry thank you for exposing what this person is.


ABDELKADER 20.07.2014 09:11

Indiscriminate bombardments killing thousands of Russians and Ukraine civilians in Ukraine by U.S. paid militants of the Ukraine junta are perfectly acceptable, and not worth even a mention on state controlled western media. But not Israel rightful retaliation against Hamas supporting population who are attacking Israel civilians with continuous barrage after barrage of rockets using women and children to moral and emotional blackmail Western people of innocent goodwill (reserved only for Islamist Jihadist) but totally indifferent to wholesale murder of children by American and NATO backed storm troopers in Ukraine.


davey 19.07.2014 05:47

A humdrum interview. I was expecting more impact from Richardson.

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