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Bob Woodward on Obama, Ed Snowden, Washington Post's future and more

November 21, 2013 17:54

One of the most celebrated investigative journalists - Bob Woodward of the Washington Post joins Larry King at the historic Hay-Adams hotel overlooking the White House. He has reported on every US president since Nixon, and he is the author or co-other of a dozen No.1 best selling non-fiction books.

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0040 30.11.2013 00:55

Woodward has been a CIA asset for decades and King is well aware of that. Both men are easily identified as corporate apologists and insiders. Hard core supporters of the status quo.


Carlton Robinson 27.11.2013 22:37

LK seems a lower hypercerebral and more a hyper-provocateur than BW. They both revere Snowden, and remain within the fear of Darth Vader, NSA, and the thought - death causing - power. Did Tim J. Russert cross the line and dared be martyred?


Carlton Robinson 27.11.2013 21:55

Mr. Bob Woodward curses you in a funny way. He gives truthful answers, but lies by omission while cranking needles into your spine telling you that you are a fool and that he is so smart that your questions are a test. He is someone to fear as he answers you – only - accordingly. He subtly tells King that some questions were foolish lies. Woodward strikes at will and not by provocation. Woodward measures every question in five planes as if a chess game on hyper-steroids. Many times LK tried to trap a commitment answer, only to be answered, ‘if you aredumb then I am dumb also.’ Two dangerous minds.

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