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The Dalai Lama - on world violence, capitalism, Pres. Obama, and his thoughts about Pope Francis

March 06, 2014 17:47

The Dalai Lama joins Larry King to talk about the Ukrainian crisis, his meeting with Pres. Obama, & much more. Plus, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon, and a former U.S. Ambassador offer perspective on the rising Russia-Ukraine tension.

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Zuzu 09.05.2014 02:56

Jew- puppet (cia-puppet) dalai lama working to turn China into Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia......


Almitra 11.04.2014 16:50

True there are a lot of people who are not clear minded.
False the United States does not belong to the people, their being doesn't even belong to them. All living things belong to he whom created it in the first place.
fighting and killing is a way of the evil in this world to cloud the minds of people, Obama is responsable for helping to cloud people's mind with darkness.
Watch and see they will fall into their own rue.
Stubborn children you turn things upsidedown. Does the clay say to him whom formed it he does not know me? -Isaiah
Thanks be to God in the highest him whom is with out beginning, & unfaulable.


trugreen 22.03.2014 16:53

Phony, holy monk dalai-lama is talking politic and wars,
jew- puppet dalai lama are funding and finance by the jew-cia and jew-obbyist,
lar ry king is a hybrid jew,
RT is jew in disguise.

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