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The Dalai Lama - on world violence, capitalism, Pres. Obama, and his thoughts about Pope Francis

March 06, 2014 17:47

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Zuzu 09.05.2014 02:56

Jew- puppet (cia-puppet) dalai lama working to turn China into Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia......


Almitra 11.04.2014 16:50

True there are a lot of people who are not clear minded.
False the United States does not belong to the people, their being doesn't even belong to them. All living things belong to he whom created it in the first place.
fighting and killing is a way of the evil in this world to cloud the minds of people, Obama is responsable for helping to cloud people's mind with darkness.
Watch and see they will fall into their own rue.
Stubborn children you turn things upsidedown. Does the clay say to him whom formed it he does not know me? -Isaiah
Thanks be to God in the highest him whom is with out beginning, & unfaulable.


trugreen 22.03.2014 16:53

Phony, holy monk dalai-lama is talking politic and wars,
jew- puppet dalai lama are funding and finance by the jew-cia and jew-obbyist,
lar ry king is a hybrid jew,
RT is jew in disguise.


DoAsk DoTell 20.03.2014 20:50

Are the Dalai Lama /the pope Francis "religious brands"? So the "leader" actors can parade around with them? "Power by association" in our pre-programed thinking?


Jeremy Baucom 18.03.2014 15:03

At about 22:30 that former ambassador claims “[Putin] is obviously upset that he lost his puppet…, that’s the President Yukashchenko”. There is no such person, but it sounds like a cross between Yushchenko and Tyomoshenko, both U.S. puppets of the CIA-influenced Orange Revolution. Freudian slip?


Justin Wiechers 17.03.2014 19:06

For days this video does not show up. Is that only in the Netherlands; or can other people watch it?


Astraea Shaw 17.03.2014 17:00

What I would like to know is, why does the Dalai Lama not speak out about the self immolations going on ins Tibet???

He could put an immediate stop to them before it becomes more than 127 people having killed themselves by pouring gasoline over themselves and setting themselves alight.

I have heard - from a Buddhist website called About ddhism and owned by Barbara O,Brien, that Soros is involved through his "The Oepn Society." (He has so many such nice sounding titles for his devious scheme - PussyRiot for one, or LGBT for another)


inconsequential 15.03.2014 19:10

I can only hope I'm not the first person to notice Buck Mckeon referred to the national high tribal assembly of elders as, "Loyal jirga". American politicians are completely illegitimate.
On a positive note the teachings the Dalai Lama offered in this interview are wise and true and although I am not a Budhist I respect and cherish his words.


leonov 15.03.2014 18:25

the snipers were blackwater people anglosaxon hired killers. this is their whole mudus operandi. until this tribe is neutered no peace anywhere for too long.


Che Buraška 14.03.2014 23:42

Keng Long 10.03.2014 21:37

larry king is part of jew-propaganda machine,
RT are jews in disguise


And you are a racist without disguise.


olessia Gorkov 12.03.2014 12:00

hope peace and true values will be stronger whn all rubish of politics


Dennis Connolly 11.03.2014 21:02

This show does NOT load for me at present.
Kind of like to watch!


Keng Long 10.03.2014 21:37

larry king is part of jew-propaganda machine,
RT are jews in disguise


Roland Roman 08.03.2014 17:22

I like your approach SourceKnown. It has a very philosophical and spiritual touch. With a little physics to it when you started talking about force meeting resistance.

That is true what you said about conscious awareness. There is a reality far greater than that which we know. And it's essential for us to become acquainted with it by getting to know ourselves. Because when you know yourself the truth opens itself to you.


DoAsk DoTell 08.03.2014 08:50

, critical thinking for yourself... peace and harmony Buddhism is about self-restraint, compassion, moderationin the whole world.

Heart & brain Over fear.


SourceKnown! 07.03.2014 21:49

Any system of governance can be a success when it incorporates relative equality.

W e are all equal, but we experience different treatment from the judicial system? we all have the same rights, but they vary!

There are those of us that see consciousness as / is interdimensional, that it exists beyond the limits of the body or this physical vessel.

Tha t is the point of contemplating heaven or even GOD, it is an attempt to grasp interdimensional conscious awareness.

Some of us are attempting to move to the next level of conscious awareness, our race is capable off! some amongst us, are simply holding all of us, back!


SourceKnown! 07.03.2014 21:27

Exactly! when you use force against sentient beings you will meet resistance. Also if you rely on force too create change, you will need to apply more and more force relative to the extent of the endeavor you wish to see realized.

T hroughout creation when we observe it occurring, very few times in the natural order of things, do we see applied force, used more than grace or fluidity of interaction between different events or circumstances.

Do we make plants grow? do we demand people learn? or do we cultivate the desired outcome?

We have lost ourselves to authoritarianism and a lack of comprehension / thinking!


SourceKnown! 07.03.2014 21:12

Exactly! emotions as a force that drives us are very powerful. However emotions as a process by which we make decisions? emotions are blind to circumstance, they do not see the situation or the potential consequences.

They are the origin of motivation, yet they are a dead end in terms of logic and reason.

Ref ined, balanced emotions are different, not many have mastered the ability to balance emotions, never mind integrate them with conscious awareness.

We are a species that has convinced ourselves that we do not need to think or develop our minds / awareness, the opposite is the case.

Know thy self know the truth!


Evo Immorales 07.03.2014 15:58

Putin wins because his script makes sense and deals with actual facts. America has no script and CANNOT make a credible one. The claim that Assad used poison gas, like the claim that the deposed Ukraine president used snipers to fire on the crowds in Kyiv, is nonsense, hence the USA will walk into a Crimea to start WW3 without any understanding of its own complicity in its elites' desire to seize control of all the world's resources.

Putin will fight back - and Germany will remain neutral because they need Russian fossil fuels. USA wants Crimea as base to attack Iran and seize its hydrocarbons.

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