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"Meet The Press" Moderator David Gregory with the Inside Scoop on DC Politics

December 19, 2013 19:24

The host of the iconic Sunday talk show, "Meet The Press," opens up to Larry King about Obama's leadership style, who's to blame for Affordable Care's failed launch, Chris Christie's temperament, Hillary's 2016 chances, and what he really thinks about MSNBC's political slant. Plus, we go inside The White House with Michelle Obama for a look at how the first family celebrates Christmas.

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Sir Percy 03.01.2014 23:23

I don't watch TV that much. Last Sunday when on vacation I watched David on Meet the Press. He did an excellent job by having Robin Wright and my favorite Prof. Peter Stern on the show. It was a great show. Have naturual persons such as Wright and Stern on the show more often than the unadvoidable Washington DC robots.


Joshua Forman Glenn 28.12.2013 04:25

this story with nbc and rt was great great job guys the rt news network and anther shows on the network great place to talk about free of news and speace against any of the news

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