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Deciphering Donald Rumsfeld -- the former defense secretary becomes subject of Oscar-winner's latest documentary

March 27, 2014 15:13

Academy Award winning filmmaker Errol Morris discusses his latest film, The Unknown Known. In it, Morris, who won an Oscar for The Fog of War about Robert S. McNamara, trains his lens on Donald Rumsfeld, one of the Iraq War's chief architects.

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Michael 05.05.2014 11:53

Donald Dumbsveld........... ..period


God scock 15.04.2014 05:41

The media is just a big acting game of viewing figures and massive cheques to these c*nts!
King, Morris and Rumsfeld prob play golf together and holiday together in incestuous charade to dupe all us spectators


DoAskDoTell 10.04.2014 20:05

christopher mcnally 08.04.2014 17:07

looking forward to this. "Fog of War" was excellent


Get a life! LOL

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