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Marianne Williamson and Ben Stein on what is needed in DC

October 24, 2013 16:28

Spiritual leader, author and friend of Oprah, Marianne Williamson, talks to Larry about her run for Congress. And, why she thinks political parties are a threat to American democracy. Plus, economist and political funny man Ben Stein on why Washington's dysfunction is no laughing matter.

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Roddy Pfeiffer 09.11.2013 05:07

What we don't need is more of the superstitions, quack medicine, and New Age drivel that is peddled on Oprah's show.


Open Our Minds 02.11.2013 18:20

And Mr Stein I wish to add.


Open Our Minds 02.11.2013 18:19

If the way we have thought and behaved has led us to our current situation we need to look outside of our current paradigm to find an answer.

More of the same or variations on a theme has failed us.

The lady needs our support and I salute her for coming to the fore. We surely need authentic voices outside of the goldfish bowl, to even contemplate healing ourselves and the world.

Mr Cohen IMO is in the goldfish bowl, albeit well schooled.

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