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Is Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" budget plan a road to ruin? Dems say yes

April 10, 2014 14:52

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Carl 24.04.2014 05:12

I think they don't care what they say, they are paid to say the stupid things they say. Why are jerks chosen to speak on these shows. It's like everyone in the media is in on it. What a shame.

BTW, President Carter is the best President we've had in 50 years. Those guys know little and are evil and the real Anti-Americans.


Carl 24.04.2014 05:11

Larry, you are one slick dude. I applaud you for making the statement to the right wing advocate "...the founding fathers allowed for a communist to win 50% of the vote....".

Otherwise the anti-Obama blabla was boring. Your guests are an embarassment. Obama is not a commie, he is a corporatist. His mark in American history will be the first openly corporate sponsored do nothing for the people have no conscious me me gi'me gi'me pay me President. All those small government, anti-tax, anti-gov guys are stupid because the only thing worse than government "running our lives" is corporations running our lives.


just some guy 19.04.2014 09:16

Anna Liddell 18.04.2014 22:35

asking a foreign government to come into their country, yeah, that's treason by any definition.


except of cause by the definition I found with a quick Google search:

1. the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government.

obviously by this definition the current Kiev 'government' committed treason.

bu t more importantly, and more specific to your post: acting in the interests of your countries legitimate government can not be considered treasonous. Not to mention Russia was a close ally of Ukraine.


AG 18.04.2014 05:24

Excellent program! Thanks!


dimitri 16.04.2014 05:27

[quote Jeanie Anderson' time]@ James Greer

Actua lly, neither Sec'y of State John Kerry nor Senator John McCain had anything to do with stirring up trouble in Ukraine. He did not listen to THE PEOPLE and therefore, he was ousted.
onsidere d by politicians. Russians in Ukraine must also follow and respect the RULE of LAW. They should have pleaded their case to a high court in Ukraine, not President Putin.[/quote]

To listen to people? Are you nuts, they were only a few hundred or thousand
I wonder why did the Maidan protesters pleaded with the high court, instead of threatening a legitimate President, Yanoukovich


dimitri 16.04.2014 05:20

Kerry,and mc cain want to make comments of past president's, they should take to mind this one< You can fool some of the people some of the time, But you can't fool all the people all the time.. We know who was stirring up the trouble in Ukraine, And it was NOT the Russians< <IT WAS YOU>[/quote]

I totally agree with you. Did they show them giving cakes to Nazi protesters? Has the fact it was revealed to Catherine Aston that it was the thugs who shot at protesters and the police? Lies, lies and more lies.
In pursuit of happiness" no matter what "says the USA constitution. Wow


davey 12.04.2014 04:17

King mentioned with his panel that "we aren´t bankrupt yet". So why is America in a deep dark hole of 16 plus Trillion in debt. They keep on spending dollars and the tax monies owed by corporations and the very rich are hidden in off shore accounts. Could it be that some day this bubble will burst?


Almitra 11.04.2014 16:58

Money is Root of all evil
Knowledge and wisdom is given freely therefore we should make education free, water free, housing free, food free, people are born in this world there are things which are created for this very existence therefore to honor God creator of all living things should not be determended on if people can afford it nor should something giving freely by He whom created us be determined by any other then him.

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