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Does Republican Victory in Fla. Special Election Signal Doom for Dems?

March 20, 2014 16:49

Rep. Dave Jolly (R-Fla.) tells Larry what his recent win means for Republicans. Does his special election signal bad news for Democrats? Plus, famed radio host Dennis Prager with his take on Obama vs. Putin, gay marriage & America's role in the world.

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jamessimpson 28.03.2014 01:19

You know something, there was an English author, ( you know, some one who writes books, to write? To use something that leaves a mark either permanent or temporary on a surface, surface? Something solid ) called Charles Dickens, he wrote a book,'Hard Times' Mr Gradgrind, told his pupils, facts and facts, there is nothing but facts. Mr Mee, America, needs you, you haven't an opinion, well done lad, must be that lobotomized brain You think politicians are going to inform you? You been asleep the last forty years? Are You a Rio Van Winkle relative?


jamessimpson 28.03.2014 01:08

Just an aside, do you think our politicians, are in the wrong jobs? They should be actors, because I have never seen a more convincing liar and actor than our politicians. Hey perhaps that's an idea, write to them and tell them they would make more money in Hollywood ! Perhaps the actors in Hollywood would make better politicians, well in the American, films it seems that way chortle chortle


jamessimpson 28.03.2014 01:03

That's alright, I told Mr Putin, to nuke America, pity he did not but hey, you can't have everything you want. So, I suppose it's okay if Tymoshenko say's it too, well it's free speech. The Americans, have threatened to nuke about six countries since the end of world war two. So a nuke here or a nuke there, what's the difference? Now what would our late lamented Joseph Gobeolls, say about RT? Now what would we say about the German media, 1930's It is up to us to investigate, analyse, synthesis and see for ourselves, but do it quickly, we are running out of time.

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