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Does Republican Victory in Fla. Special Election Signal Doom for Dems?

March 20, 2014 16:49

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jamessimpson 28.03.2014 01:19

You know something, there was an English author, ( you know, some one who writes books, to write? To use something that leaves a mark either permanent or temporary on a surface, surface? Something solid ) called Charles Dickens, he wrote a book,'Hard Times' Mr Gradgrind, told his pupils, facts and facts, there is nothing but facts. Mr Mee, America, needs you, you haven't an opinion, well done lad, must be that lobotomized brain You think politicians are going to inform you? You been asleep the last forty years? Are You a Rio Van Winkle relative?


jamessimpson 28.03.2014 01:08

Just an aside, do you think our politicians, are in the wrong jobs? They should be actors, because I have never seen a more convincing liar and actor than our politicians. Hey perhaps that's an idea, write to them and tell them they would make more money in Hollywood ! Perhaps the actors in Hollywood would make better politicians, well in the American, films it seems that way chortle chortle


jamessimpson 28.03.2014 01:03

That's alright, I told Mr Putin, to nuke America, pity he did not but hey, you can't have everything you want. So, I suppose it's okay if Tymoshenko say's it too, well it's free speech. The Americans, have threatened to nuke about six countries since the end of world war two. So a nuke here or a nuke there, what's the difference? Now what would our late lamented Joseph Gobeolls, say about RT? Now what would we say about the German media, 1930's It is up to us to investigate, analyse, synthesis and see for ourselves, but do it quickly, we are running out of time.


jamessimpson 28.03.2014 00:52

You think it matters if the Rep. or the Dem. win the next election? Get real, no matter who wins the Joe public American, will get screwed as will the rest of the world, for the big corporations, honest Israel, I'm on your side, they own America, and the rest of the world, only problem, they hide it so well. But, hey don't you worry the politicians are living well and happy. Paying their private educational fees for little Johnny. And their country residence. Must cost you chosen ones a few quid. But hey don't worry Moshie, we have it all tied up, but in the main,we do it on the cheap.


DS 27.03.2014 13:02

The Democratic party in Florida is a mess, and will probably assist the RePublicans in their reelection. Dems ran a woman last time allowing a crook to win. Florida will not elect a woman. Now they will run a jello-man, and we will lose again. Former Republican governor Crist is a pleasant fellow but hes changed his image too fast. Floridians aren't real smart. A coworker didnt know Putin's name. Florida is the state of America.


t.hollingsworth 22.03.2014 22:23

I'd rename "Politicking.&q uot; I'd just call it 'Jew-talk.' Politicking with Larry King is just RT's way of throwing a few crumbs to the Tribe, and to hopefully keep the latter at bay, from crying "unfair!," and from taking retaliatory steps of against a journalistic slant which obviously infuriates them. Hey, the Chosen thought they had all the major media markets sewed up. Now they know differently. Hey, RT, when these people start waving the big money at you, don't fall for it.


Paul Stanley Mee 21.03.2014 17:04

o/ Larry.

I do watch your program with great interest as with other shows but I will not comment on politics or current affairs directly without political representation from different factions either local or global. It is important I believe to understand the facts in full and then relate to the future in terms of consequences.

Sir... it is clear and very obvious you have tremendous experience of politics and it is for this reason I send this message, it's called respect.

Paul St Clair

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