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Fmr. Defense Secretary William Cohen Grades U.S. Response to Ukrainian Crisis

March 13, 2014 16:16

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bert 26.05.2014 21:25

Cohen and larry will talk about it. A couple of jews talking about the jew controlled us response to other jews overthrowing Kiev. This should be a real snoozer.


Michael 05.05.2014 12:15

Cohen.....just get on with it mate.......sick and tired of playing Call of Duty...wanna see some real action. A couple of downed Black Hawks etc etc


ABDELKADER 25.04.2014 03:06

Cenk Uygur despite his other redeeming qualities is disappointing in that like all gullible Americans he actually believes the lies that Russian tanks went into Crimea and that Russia has every intention to use ethnic Russians as an excuse for military incursion into Eastern Ukraine and the Baltic states when in reality couldn't be further from the truth. Americans tend to believe what they want to believe and lack the understanding, intellectual capacity and intelligence to question the deliberate disinformation they have been purposely given.


jeTAdoORolo 21.03.2014 09:01

It might better if it doesn't work ... that people in pentagone allways reminds me 9/11 massive crime, under a false flag, the twin towers and building 7. Alout of "right" taken that day in a inside job... US politiciens are not credible. They won't be until justice will be made, thinking to 3000 people died that day. Remember about right, who was the pretext of tackle the Middle-East in million innocent people. No two weights two measurements.


Carl 18.03.2014 00:30

What does Russia have? Guns and Gas
Seems to me PM Putin and Russia is respectful of their laws.
What does the USA have? Folks like Nuland and all of those who conspired in 911 and subsequent scare tactics to undermine the Constitution and create war.
Cohen’s view of the future of Russia and Creamia can only be realized if the US Neocons have their way and force those bad things to happen.
It is really sad to hear him speak he has no respect for laws and rules. What does the USA have to offer? Certainly not capitalism.
Larr y why the commercials? That's the last time i watch your show.


davey 17.03.2014 19:17

This is the 3rd day in a row that I wanted to watch this video...but NO video!!


Aryan 17.03.2014 14:13

UN' s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights(Articles 1, 2, 3 and 5 enacted 1969) recognizes that human rights derive from the inherent dignity of human beings and affirms that all peoples have the right of self-determination and by virtue of that right they are free to determine their political status and to pursue their economic, social and cultural development.Referend um is the embodiment of UN charter for human rights and humanity but Zionist are not human and unfortunately today they run USA,so they are expected to act like mischievous monkeys,proving their sub human's nature.


Red_Shiraz 17.03.2014 12:14

I often wondered why a Zionist stooge and a CIA mole at that,should get a job with RT,now I know why.So through him we can thank Zionists in CFR and A.I.P.A.C for their effort in Ukraine which allowed mother Russia to have her baby back.I would also like to thank western pusssy rioters (Mrs Ashdown and Victoria Nuland)for their hard works which resulted in annexation of Crimea to mother Russian federation.I am grateful to you all,specially the right wing fascists and Svoboda party leadership, a very big thank you to all,almost as big as Crimea itself.


WhIke Turner 15.03.2014 12:44

No Video!


davey 15.03.2014 05:31

No video!!!???


john skinner 14.03.2014 17:15

Cohen, I gave blows to both side Rep and dem. With 4 years in pentagon, And to think some have 20 good going
As for Geraldo opinions it is a good thing the news channel he works for has the same, remember when what happen to phill donahue.

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