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GATA's Chris Powell on suspicious activity at BoE and JP Morgan

August 09, 2013 03:30

AFP Photo / Timothy A. Clary

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Bob discusses missing gold at the central bank of England with GATA. Then Justine charts gold manipulation by high frequency traders. Perianne breaks down what the inventor of the freezer has in common with Jeff Bezos. Finally Bob discusses the use of eminent domain to refinance mortgages with Ramon Galindo.

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BILL HOPEN 15.08.2013 02:23

Ms Boring,

You sumerized this show (at the end 27:21) by saying:

"Bank of England had 400,000 missing tons of gold."

Most estimates of all the gold on earth (above ground)
are between 150,000 tons and 175,000 tons

The missing amount was about 1300 tons, still quite a lot, more than many countries have in their banks, including England.

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