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​NSA nudies, Hillary helping Monsanto, kids too fat for the military and more

July 12, 2014 04:00

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Monte Letourneau 20.07.2014 00:57

Sam surprises me, a tad, to make such a good paring with Lee, u rock on too.
P.S. I rock on a bit better when i can edit me comments.


Monte Letourneau 20.07.2014 00:49

Gee thanks robot brain!
Now I'm just plain spoiled for enjoying the news or comedy from anyplace else besides Redacted!
So, now it's so tiresome to stay ahead of you on stuff, or talk funny bout things, I'm finally a convert to corp media, expertise-ism, and maybe even the cult of personality.
Bas s-toord (anti-)propaganda hero of mine.
Next thing I know, I'll prefer the idea of representation to anarchic seeking of consensus (actual democracy-like).
Lee Camp for VP!


Monte Letourneau 20.07.2014 00:42

'Bout go git me sum dat YerIn!
cuz first gotta thanx ya fer the fien PSA, and all yer work savin corprate lifes. yeeeeee ha!


Bruce Earl Lee 20.07.2014 00:21

i love this show.. more real than the other comedy shows which are way more real that "real" news show. get it er naw?


Jack Forest 19.07.2014 10:32

Q. Just wondering if anybody out there likes this show?
A. YES! THE TEETH ARE SO IMPORTANT. ANY news SHOW needs to talk about the most crucial, critical issues to be relevant, as do 10 or so of RT's absolutely excellent shows, and if its comedy bring it on. Redacted Tonight is a fledgling show and will get better and better.
Its already well well worth watching. Was gonna go on about Lee, Sam etc, but gotta feed the baby.


Carl 17.07.2014 10:47

Just wondering if anybody out there likes this show?

I think I'd be able to tolerate it if there was no laugh track. The laugh (seems like coming from one person) is boring.
The topics raised are good but it's just too cheesy.

Like an SNL audition.

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