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Lavrov to RT: Americans are 'running the show' in Ukraine

April 23, 2014 16:51

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Lee 29.04.2014 16:18

It' is interesting how the Princess Diana movie is now gaining traction as scandals in the US are being thrust to the forefront. A converging storm is building for the Monarchy that could initiate change for the entire world.


Mark Warns 28.04.2014 02:33

We Americans keep opening all the world's Pandora's Boxes expecting to find rose gardens inside. Examples include Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and Syria.

In our latest disaster, we tried to grab Ukraine as a NATO state. We arrogantly and openly supported the Maidan uprising, with its crescendo timed for the Winter Olympics in Sochi when Russia would be incapable of effective international action.

The result? Crimea was permanently lost to Russia, and the rest of Ukraine - whether by law, fact, or war - will be partitioned into west- and east-facing zones.

Fore seeable? Obviously.

Intelligent? Hardly.


Lee 27.04.2014 15:33

President Obama is a tool set up into his office by the Anglo Saxon British Empire and The US military is being used through him. It's time to cut the head off the snake rather than chopping at the tail.


Lee 27.04.2014 15:24

I agree Evo Immorales, the Anglo Saxon British empire I refer to will not initiate nuclear war until they know that they themselves can survive. That is not to say that all of there member nations will not be destroyed including the the UK but until they feel that they can somehow come out of it unscathed within there lairs we are safe. They are now in the process of losing control as the global economical financial collapse progresses and that is what is really driving world war 3. Thank god Russia and China are a mortal threat to the head of this beast or we would be all dead already.


Evo Immorales 27.04.2014 14:30

The problem is more horrifically difficult, Lee! When nuclear war breaks out, all the combatants will be in the Northern Hemisphere hence massive fallout & death primarily in Nth. Hemisphere. This because atmospheric halves largely circulate independently, decreasing fallout in Sth. Hemisphere.

Hence Sth. Hemisphere countries will be providing food to those who can pay. Alternatively war will spread there e.g. if Australia assists Anglo-America in further attacks on Russia, China & Moslem countries; and if Brazil etc. assist Mexico in rescuing Latinos being murdered en masse in feralized USA!


Lee 27.04.2014 14:23

When it is determined that a nuclear first strike is survivable it is the end for 90 % of us.


Lee 27.04.2014 14:18

What is going on here is very simple. There is a total economic collapse in Europe driving this desire for war. There have been hair triggers set up around the world to accomplish this end. In fact Obama just set up another one when he just promised to defend Japan with its territorial dispute with China. Obama is only a tool and the his handlers belong to a empire that the sun always shines. Until we admit who puts these dictators into office the chaos and blood shed will once again be blamed on yet another tool. I wish Mr Lavrov would have mentioned this.


Alexei Mirkin 27.04.2014 11:32

Kissinger = Kerry, Turchinov = Pinochet
CIA is at it again!


Jim 26.04.2014 23:26

Lavrov makes more sense than the nobel peace prize winner Obama. What a great disappointment Obama has been because he has just acted like all the other presidents before him. He is a disgrace to the nobel prize as he simply trots out the American b...sht ad nauseam


NOtoGMOs 26.04.2014 16:44

Alias 26.04.2014 10:41

Lavrov is an educated wise man; how can he talk with stupid, illiterate warmongers like Kerry?


Ye s, it is a mystery.


Alias 26.04.2014 10:41

Lavrov is an educated wise man; how can he talk with stupid, illiterate warmongers like Kerry?


Liz Milano 25.04.2014 13:28

It is more than obvious that USA's govt. does not want to lose its position in directing world affairs, thus it began interfering in Russia, first with Sochi Olympics, and now dominates in Ukraine. All of it is a clear indication that USA's leaders since Bill Clinton are treading the wrong path in international relations. If we connect the dots, we know what it is all about.


DoAskDoTell 24.04.2014 15:46

Time for a NEW definition of "terrorists&quo t; = they must be a group of *trained* killers
AND have *semi- or automatic guns*
AND have an ideology, power or coup d'etat goal
AND are financed by someone other than themselves.

END to all the smoke and mirror of Big 6 Media 24/7 Lie/Fear/Hate/Blood Gossip "ratings" games!


Dimitri Ratz 24.04.2014 14:24

The statement on elections are illegitimate in Syria, because first the constitution must be reformed, but in Ukraine where people sidestepped the constitution and didn't bother to even impeach the President having elections first without reforms just shows there are just as many empty words as there are US bills.


Spencer Hulme 24.04.2014 13:30

I think (People) political and governments should step back and look at the bigger picture (the citizens) it's not about who's got the biggest missiles or who's right and who's wrong - but rather how can we help each other - our economies to thrive - people are always sorry after something has been done - when it's to late - put your ego's behind you and look at what the outcome will be - and who it will affect - resolute for the future generations - what hope will they have - who will they learn from - intellect is the key!!


Gwyllym 24.04.2014 10:54

He tells it as he sees it.. this time he is dead right..
Good on you Lavrov, time to start showing the real colours of those murderous US ( and installed ) politicians. $5bn to overthrow a government, they want to see a return on investment at any cost.
I pitty the people of Ukraine being torn apart by greed.
If there is a time for Russia to make it's presence felt on the world stage, it is NOW. Show them the consequnenses of their actions for once, please, save the right of the Ukrainian people to choose.


Isam Al-Tal 24.04.2014 10:24

Good shot, Sophie!
Any person with a mind, not necessarily sound, could see what a pack of liers those Western politicians are when Foreign Minister Lavrov simply talks of what's going on.


ronny 24.04.2014 10:24

Our ancestors have a proverb which goes like this 'a little rent on a cloth rents the entire cloth'. It is quite interesting to say that with all the so called expects and analysts in every sphere of our global village we still lack expect analysis on the situation in Ukraine. Friends this situation can turn very ugly and it will engulf the entire world. To my amazement blind novices like Hollande and Cameron of France and the U.K respectively the so called poodles of the White House which also has a 'community organiser' in charge are leading this village to the abyss. Let's all wait and see.


carethatmuch 24.04.2014 09:51

Chris Gibbins 24.04.2014 09:48

A lot sharper than you young fella.


If that were the case, then you would have shut the f uk up a long time ago, so I guess it's not the case.

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