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Mujahedeen POW: Afghans invincible, no foreign power able to win guerrilla war against them

July 21, 2014 08:30

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Mathew Peter 18.08.2014 23:43

I support Isreal but to contribute to the devastated Gaza is good.Good haerts and good minds...PNG man.


Judy 03.08.2014 07:43

I agree Afghan fighters are invincible. Throughout history, they have been the invaders, e.g. in South Asia, not the invaded, founding several dynasties encompassing Pakistan and much of India. They have beaten back the most powerful militaries of the modern period--first Britain (twice), then Russia, and now the U.S. I visited there in 1972--beautiful country and people. Read about the communist parties there in the 70s, who pushed through land reform too quickly, and angered local landholders, who became the mujahadeen. And the rest is history, sadly.


Baerlas 26.07.2014 19:36

This vaguely reminds me of speaking to people who had lived in Afghanistan as well as people who just traveled through. That was a long time ago when Afghanistan was still a kingdom. And they all agreed in saying that the Afghans were a lovely people, very friendly, very helpful and very accommodating to guests. Then came the foreigners and destroyed the country. Sad.


Aryan 24.07.2014 17:21

Dear RT,could kindly organize a donation box labelled `Gaza disaster fund` where all peace loving and politically aware RT's audiences can contribute to it.In return I will come up with the best of my comments posted on RT(for the past few years).Any other show host can come up with a juicy news or article can auction it towards the kitty.

Than k you RT,the true voice of voiceless.

One world,one love.


Benoit ZuccarellI 24.07.2014 08:49

'Mujahadeen' are not invincible.It is just that no Army has been given the green light to exterminate them. In this modern world armies are not able or do not want, to do whatever is necessary to win.
In fact, the wars of today are more about prolonging alleged 'conflicts' as long as possible for the corporations supplying the war effort to make money.Its pretty sad! But hey, business is good. Shame, as allowing people to live a better life could be just as easily done and as 'productive' GDP wise.


Stuey1002 24.07.2014 00:49

Afghanistan is fascinating. I feel the Afghani people are a people rich in potential, and could be a valuable asset to the collective of nations in the world. I wish they were left in peace to thrive and restore their land. We are impoverished by the USA thinking it owns the right to destroy any nation. As for conversion of belief. Religion is but a practice of a creed. It's easy to convert. But, a real Christian whose DNA is changed by a confession from the heart will never forsake their Lord. Rather be crucified in Syria than betray your own DNA. That's my choice.


freethinker 23.07.2014 04:03

the Taliban woman have no rights there. but that still dose not give us the right to invade


Evo Immorales 23.07.2014 02:39

The power of religion is demonstrated in his conversion from Christianity to Islam - from one monotheist corruption to another. The power of religion today is underscored by Einstein's BS that 'proves' the universe to be finite.

Wha t is infinite is then mathematics or God - most of the idiots falling for the second option. Hence Einstein maintains the religious bigotry of Israel, & of her opponents.

This spells death & disaster for Earth's environment, not just the people, since according to religious BS added to Einstein's spacetime multiverse, every time a tree is cut down here 50 appear in parallel universes.


Ahmad Ahmad 22.07.2014 19:01

I am an Afghan and I have the right to correct him. What ever he mentioned about Masood was right. Now here is the lie or misunderstanding that i should correct. He mentioned that the majority of Afghans support the Taliban. That is totally incorrect or an accusation. In fact, Afghans do not consider the Taliban to be true muslims. We Afghan believe that the Taliban are dogs whose leash is on the hand of the west. In addition, the taliban are standing against the Afghans not against the NATO. They have been labeled as muslims.


ron 22.07.2014 02:54

Sophie, absolutely fascinating interview! Good for you! Very impressive to interview people with such real world, gritty and terrifying experiences--and that, my dear, is your strong point.
Way back when JFK was still alive , I served in a very rural area of Southern Philippines(62-64) for US Peace Corps. It changed my life. What I'm getting at is that a good interviewer relates to those who saw/experienced it--starvation, war, corruption everywhere, etc., etc. Too many "experts" or academics with no real world experience blather their opinions-some are worthy; but I prefer the real thing. Thank you


Gerry Hiles 21.07.2014 19:44

Another first class interview Sophie. Very human, moving and revealing.


DoAskDoTell 21.07.2014 14:28

Does the "west" Mafioso
(Free-Masonry of criminality that crosses "class" boundaries from aristocrats to lawyers to thugs)

have 'colonies' set up in major cities for supplying drugs to over-industrialized $laves, hyper-capitalist banksters, US/Nato bases and hedonic youths/Oligarchs?


Carl 21.07.2014 10:24

Fascinating interview.

I wonder what the motive was for the Soviet Union and then the USA to invade Afghanistan? I read an oil pipeline was to be built across it.

The Taliban is mysterious to me. How did it start, what is it's mission, how do they get USA made weapons? I had read that the Taliban stopped the production of Heroin in Afghanistan after the Soviet Union pulled out. Once the Americans showed up poppy and heroin production not only returned to the country but is at it's highest production. I wonder if the revenue from that gets into the hands of American politicians and/or government.


Lahcen Oizaz 21.07.2014 10:05

Lahcen Oizaz 21.07.2014 10:02

Maybe still hope for a better future for Afghanistan after full withdrawal of Western troops with a little help from the neighboring countries.


Ma ybe a case for the New Development Bank because IMF cannot be trusted.


Lahcen Oizaz 21.07.2014 10:02

Maybe still hope for a better future for Afghanistan after full withdrawal of Western troops with a little help from the neighboring countries.

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