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'Congress all bribed, has zero confidence in eyes of American people' - World Bank whistleblower

October 07, 2013 08:30

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Clarence Moore 28.10.2013 13:12

Alll she is saying is the same thing I have been trying to tell my fellow Americans but they refuse to believe it because they are scared to acknowledge that the people that WE have elected are not working for us. There are only 2 entites/organization s that benefit from Obamacare and they the government and the insurance companies. The people lose and will continue to lose. By the time WE fight back it will be TOO LATE. WE are so busy trying to hold on to what WE have to see what we are losing!!!


Jose Gonzales 22.10.2013 16:24

The US government shutdown suppressed the satellite imaging data that reported ice in the Antarctic as the peak occurred in the southern hemisphere winter. Because of the shutdown, a record amount of ice was not reported and the myth of AGW was allowed to continue.

I s it a coincidence that the next government shutdown is scheduled for the ice peak in the Arctic this winter in the northern hemisphere or is RT TV too biased to even consider it?


Bill Otinger 19.10.2013 00:06

The Same Banking Families that Supported HITLER Stole the American Money System in 1913 they had President Wilson Bribed and BLACK MAILED see JESUIT OAT, Jesuits were Started by Crypto Jews in 1526 with Black Nobility Loyola Jews Alumbrados Illuminati are Now Called ZIONIST, Zionist and Jesuits both Supported HITLER and Both Groups work for or with BLACK NOBiLITY they also control Medicine , NATO, UN, CFR, ADL , AIPAC on and on , see Dr David Duke and Phelps Vatican Assasins videos both are 50% Correct


Bill Otinger 18.10.2013 23:53

Google video FIAT EMPIRE and on youtube see video THE SECRET OF OZ


Chris Strunk 17.10.2013 23:02

The Federal Reserve system is the revolving door 'strawman' with which the US Treasury, Congress and Executive enrich the Cabal.

WE do not need the Federal Reserve per se , we need an honest Congress and Treasury to be naked before us. Diogenes would be hard bent to find honesty in Congress or the Executive. WE have what we have until then.


Chris Strunk 17.10.2013 22:54

Ojo 13.10.2013 15:34

This country has been in "debt" ever since passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. You cannot sell your citizenry to the International Banking cabal and not expect them to suffer through Wars ...


Demands of waging war is central to the creation of our debt ceiling. Before 1917, Congress authorized loans for specific purposes.

WWI Congress's Second Liberty Bond Act 1917, first time, authorized limits for types of debt instruments issued by Treasury for borrowing.

WW2 in 1939, Congress gave authority for Treasury to finance debt: created ceiling on total.


Miriam Estrera 17.10.2013 21:06

Sharing the thruth


Drybones Seven 16.10.2013 14:27

the movie the batman the dark knight shows what is to came the charge will be treason.


Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez 15.10.2013 02:15

They are millioners for their crimes had done. It is Istlamo Nazi pólice already on place and ready, that it is the only job done by Obama, he does not care about americans


Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez 15.10.2013 02:15

La CIA is starting to control everything in Mexico and USA to hide their killings in both countries. They are making a lot of money for their families only. Really a lot of money for theses lazies for their criminal acts..


Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez 15.10.2013 02:14

Obama has to be in jail with all their CIA partners. International justice. They are millionaires killing people and making frauds. NSA and other agencies are to protect their own criminal acts, they are getting millionair making frauds and killing.


Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez 15.10.2013 02:13

The CIA is helping mexican, indian, chinese illuminaties to destroy our economy to be millionaires
The CIA supports Dictators of course to be millionaires.

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