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Putin on Kiev op: 'Tanks, jets against own people?! Are they out of their minds?!'


Viktor But, Businessman
1967 - Born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, USSR 1987 - Applies to Moscow Military Institute 1991 - Military translator 1993 - Founder, Transavia travel agency 1995 - Establishes trans aviation network group, Oostende, Belgium 1995 - Founder, Air Cess,... 31.08.2007 20:00

Spotlight is a 26 minute, in-depth, daily interview programme which focuses on current events in Russia and across the world. Respected Russian journalist Aleksandr Gurnov speaks to people from a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds, including politics, academia, arts, and science.

Clash of football giants in Moscow

Some 40,000 English football fans have arrived in Russia to watch the Champions League final between Manchester ...

20.05.2008 20:00
Islamic Banking System

Head of the Russian Islamic Committee Geidar Jemal and Financial Analyst Sergey Aleksashenko “Dear ...

17.03.2009 04:31
Nikolay Valuev, WBA heavyweight champion

1973 - Born in St. Petersburg 1991 - Applies to Lesgaft institute of physical culture, St. Petersburg 1993 - Begins ...

01.09.2007 20:00
Russian courts: cleaning up corruption

Barrister, Andrey Knyazev 1969 - Born in Moscow 1996 - Graduates, Moscow State University 1996 - Joins bar ...

21.05.2008 20:00
Russia-U.S. Relations: Creating new attitude of trust

Katrina van den Heuvel, the Editor and Publisher of 'The Nation' magazine and Stephen Cohen, a Russian Studies and ...

18.03.2009 04:31
Presidential election 2012

Konstantin Simonov – Political AnalystA day after the vote, the big picture is clear. Vladimir Putin has been ...

05.03.2012 10:30
Mikhail Kovalchuk, Deputy Chairman of the Government Council on Nanotechnologies

1946 - Born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) 1970 - Graduates, Physics Faculty, Leningrad State University 1988 - ...

02.09.2007 20:00
Eurovision 2008: how fair is the game?

Dima Bilan, Russian pop singer, Represents Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 1981 - Born in ...

22.05.2008 20:00
Doing business in Russia

Businessman John Ortega 1948 - Born in California 1974 - CEO Chairman of Clothestime Stores Inc 1998 - Moves to ...

14.08.2009 19:45

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