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Episode 035

July 19, 2014 09:30

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Aryan 25.07.2014 14:27

Please contribute something towards `Gaza disaster fund`
Today is Quds day in Iran therefore millions have come out to join anti Zionism march across the country.A national TV reporter was interviewing few people about their motives for being there .There was a little girl with her doll,which compelled TV reporter to question her for being there. The little girl replied,I am here to show my solidarity for Palestinians.Then reporter asked her why have you brought your doll alone?She said,I brought my doll so she can show her solidarity with Palestinian kids.


Aryan 24.07.2014 17:22

Dear RT,could kindly organize a donation box labelled `Gaza disaster fund` where all peace loving and politically aware RT's audiences can contribute to it.In return I will come up with the best of my comments posted on RT(for the past few years).Any other show host can come up with a juicy news or article can auction it towards the kitty.

Than k you RT,the true voice of voiceless.

One world,one love.


Carl 24.07.2014 06:12

what he said about mafia and drugs is too Hollywood,


Carl 24.07.2014 06:10

Your guest with books interviews etc. doesn't seem to know nobody discusses the truth on the subject more then once.


Dave 20.07.2014 09:39

The Mafia are a series of international networks, also acting as hired economic/political hitman/facilitator hired by a country, or by who's behind it, to disrupt unwanted progress/development in another country.


DoAskDoTell 19.07.2014 19:20

What a great show!

Mafia as Free-masonry of criminals is also true in the sense that a "family" of psychopath$ can cut across class line... a marriage of convenience?

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