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Koch Brothers' $67M to Climate Denial (E38)

April 20, 2014 08:32

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RankAuthority 06.07.2014 12:34

The overwhelming historical, decadal, and current evidence shows that global temperature changes ALWAYS precede atmospheric CO2 changes. This means CO2 does not cause global warming. If it is lagging indicator it cannot be the driver. If global temperature leads CO2 that very simply means the natural driver are the oceans and their influence on global temperature. Ocean temperature is driven by submarine volcanoes, which is the real driver of global temperature change. Submarine (geothermal) activity in turn is tied directly to solar activity. The evidence for those who look is indisputable. Naturalclimatechange org


Dr. Christian Szell 25.06.2014 08:37

no links allowed?


Yolanda Sperry 09.06.2014 14:42

Do we all know the definition of sell out?
Give us the clean energy.............. ................


Rob Tamaki 29.05.2014 18:39

Final line: "Seek truth from facts". Agreed.

Fac t 1: There has been no statistically significant land surface temperature increase for 15-17 years, depending upon the index selected.

F act 2: There has been no measurable increase in the occurrence or magnitude of drought, flooding, storms, or tornados on a globally averaged basis, as documented in the IPCC AR5 report.

Fac t 3: Global sea ice anomaly is currently positive.

Fact 4: The vast majority of AGW skeptics have no interest or relationship to the Koch Brothers. Rather, they are compelled by real data, generated by unbiased reasearchers.


shanks 18.05.2014 09:50

Science is not based n opinion polls but robust data. I am surprised that 'Truthseeker' has fallen for the alarmist agenda. There is consistent firm robust evidence that smoking causes disease, this level of scientific evidence does not exist for 'human induced climate change'. It is all based on flawed models that do not predict the weather. Think about who benefits from climate alarmism.


TheCircleK 16.05.2014 18:02

I always found it interesting that most of the HAARP conspiracies came from right wing publications/big polluters are always on the right... I do beleive HAARP is "a thing" but do not think it is the cause of the freak weather. It seems America is full of these "other conspiracy driven reasons - normally government" when in fact the truth is always a little simpler than the facts.


George Rizk 08.05.2014 15:31

Mr Williams 25.04.2014 09:12

More truth needed Truthseeker, try mentioning Rothschilds Raytheon company with its 12 HAARP patents.


I actually read somewhere recently that the Rothschild family is preparing to dominate the cap&trade market in CO2 allowances estimated to be more than three trillion dollars. That is not a small changes even in comparison to their estimated 60 trillion dollars wealth.


George Rizk 08.05.2014 15:20

If I was making cars, and you have a TV station that is telling your viewers that cars kills people, and urging them to use bicycles instead of cars? I have the right NOT to advertise my cars on your TV station.

I have a Graduate degree in environmental engineering, and 35 years of experience in pollution control. I think it is an exaggeration to claim GLOBAL WARMING is man made & potentially will end life on this planet. As the liberals with credential like journalist, movie stars, and gynecologists think that they are 100% sure! I have the credentials to say they are not correct.


Yolanda Sperry 05.05.2014 11:14

Its time to wake up to the truth and change the future..


Moe 01.05.2014 18:19

Moe 01.05.2014 18:18

This report, only 12 minutes in length, should go viral, should be viewed in schools, work places and during election races and before legislative actions.



Moe 01.05.2014 18:18

This report, only 12 minutes in length, should go viral, should be viewed in schools, work places and during election races and before legislative actions.


Dimitri Ratz 30.04.2014 02:56

Ivan888 30.04.2014 01:48

Sure there is climate change, but it is not caused by human production of carbon dioxide. We produce just 1 or 2% what Earth and nature have been producing & absorbing for eons


If it is so readily absorbed by forests why then do measurements show it's continued built-up in the atmosphere?


Dimitri Ratz 30.04.2014 02:47

jamessimpson 27.04.2014 19:18

It is a fact that ordinary people do not re-act until they are faced with insurmountable crisis. When crisis point has been reached and the ordinary people realize this and governments still spout the lies, then and only then, will the pub;ic turn on those that have mis-lead them, and their collective anger will be terrifying to behold. So we wait until then.


You'll probably just get washed away with another Katrina while the rich will just get better air conditioning.

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