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​Satanic statue controversy

March 14, 2014 10:17

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Dane Carr 22.07.2014 08:25

so you use your faith to decide what is absolute evil and that some how allows you to hinder the religious liberties of others. to you satan is absolut evil to them he is an escape goat the have a right to their opinion and you in no way have a right to dictate laws based on yours


SPENCER THⒶYER 07.05.2014 20:13

Stupid uninformed opinion. You must understand the statue is really about demonstrating the hypocrisy in the law. Either the statue will be denied and then the law will be changed by way of lawsuits or it will be allowed and the local residents will demand the law be repealed. Either way the creation of the statue is to effect policy change– it's just a bonus that it glorifies the Sabbatic Goat Master of Lies.


janelle barabash 12.04.2014 22:07

first time I am agreeing with the robotbot. Satanism is not fascism - matter of fact, fascists in WW II were Christians (like the Pope). The 10 Commandments are not the Bill of Rights. To be told to have no other God than the god of the 10 Commandments does not teach love or tolerance or justice or liberty. Satan is the concept constructed by the Christian religion.


George Fyfe 02.04.2014 22:02

I agree with the scapegoat theory. All Abrahamic religions focus on one scapegoat, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah. From Charlemagne to Obama, God is on my side. The doctrine of we are good, therefore we can destroy all and any in our way, with our apocalyptic end game. Sorry, but they are so misguided and wrong. By the way, paedophilia seems to be the monopoly crime of Jews, Christians and Muslims, not Satanists, or Nazis or even those who believe democracy is intrinsically wrong.


stephen 30.03.2014 16:51

That statue is not the devil, its is a scape goat some one to blame, when your will hurts humankind in someway,
The devil made me do it your honer, it is intent to take away the guilt that normal people feel when they have hurt someone, in someway
Try and do thing for spiritual rewards as much as possible, and you will not need that dude sitting in the chair,someone to blame because you can be proud of your self, and make love happy. and if you make love happy the world become a better place


George Fyfe 26.03.2014 01:22

I am a regular RT viewer, due to lack of real news elsewhere, but this piece of nonsense goes beyond the pale. Judeo-Christianity is the most evil thing to curse mankind, all Abrahamic religions are death cults. So any alternative, even Satanic is an improvement. So, kids, time to burn down the church, synagogue or mosque and put up your own Gods!


whateveruwant3 25.03.2014 18:57

Tim 1 last thing on this issue. U r a news company so I have a deal for u. If they build the statue and RT goes half on the bail money. I will tell u when it goes down so u guys can get the exclusive story on tape k...k.
ha ha ha HI.


whateveruwant3 25.03.2014 18:39

It looks like u might be able too Tim although that would not make it right would it? Like fighting for tvs for Christmas. we can do it but it is no good.
U c mr. v America is a touchy subject as we have " in God we trust" on our dollars. We have "so help us God" everywhere, We have "God" written above where the law makers make law.
in any case wont last long if it is built. God forgives and I have bail money. Hi


vladimir 19.03.2014 21:32

Tolerance has its limits Tim, but we have a right to be free from religion when it is state actors that are doing the religious push. The Bible and Bible sayings should not be on state property anymore than the Koran, Islam and Devil Worship.

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