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​Prayers answered

March 14, 2014 10:18

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Steven Nodlehs 20.04.2014 09:52

This series could have been so much better - if only the guy teaching the robot didn't have such an agenda.

This should be called - What happens when a government raises a baby.

Think I'll just make my own! (series not baby - 2 is enough and I've waited long enough for some me time now lol).


Steven Nodlehs 20.04.2014 09:49

So drinking all day long is less damaging to my health and state of mind or do the anti cannabis lobby only cheery pick their arguments to suit? you loose more minds than you persuade when you give such a bias report.

So alcohol V dope on an evening to relax at home - debate that instead.

An d which is more likely to do as they are told - a cannabis user at home or a cannabis user in jail?

The argument that the masses will become sheep is moot as sheep in prison don't vote remember?

And why would a cannabis user be more passive just because their source is a shop rather than their mate who grows it for example?


stephen 30.03.2014 16:11

That robot remind me of my brother, he would like dope to be legalized two.

watchi ng life go bye boring!.
Plus it make you sleepy sad moody, like being married
that was a joke sorry

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