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NSA Raids Warcraft

January 04, 2014 06:54

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Neter 21.02.2014 14:58

Hey RT/Tim, how about putting your "Just my opinion" miniatures online.

Som e of them are really refreshing in their advocacy of common sense and more fundamental values.


Dennis Connolly 13.02.2014 19:46

Hey Tim your opinion pieces are great. Give this robot dude a rest, just look at the time wasted introducing robot dude. I want to hear YOU ! & your excellent opinions!


Hansa Junchun 06.01.2014 19:15

C'mon, everyone knows World of Warcraft is better than Gotomeeting for terrorist pow-wows. And so are [p]orn sites. Tim ought to get NSA clearance and pull up a stool next to Apathybot to scope out all those Pakistani jihadis plotting global mayhem while watching trannies in action! Hey Tim: don't accept anything less than a federal pension and six figures for all that hard work!

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