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Ethical bias?

July 20, 2014 06:30

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Noman 27.07.2014 00:55

Lastly, it should also be stated that even if a person has a 40 centuries of experience of reporting, let also forty years of Mr. White which he so brags of, that does not suffice to term mendacity as truth. BBC has been disparaging Iraq and Iran over nuclear issue, while all claims and blames of west gradually turned out to be wrong, but BBC does not dare to talk of the nuclear arsenal of #Israel, let alone condemning their use of it on #Palestinians in 2008 and later.


Noman 27.07.2014 00:52

Mr. White believes that #BBC is most fair channel because it did some shows on UK govt. which govt. did not like. In that sense there are also a couple of channels in my country who support a particular party when in govt. and criticize govt. when that party is no more in power but opposition.
Howe ver, the debate was, if the BBC is really that impartial as said by the chief of 'ethical journo network'. I think NO. It is not so, for instance, just look on the BBC coverage of current conflict in #Gaza. How blatant tyranny #IDF committing while BBC bothers not to talk of it, and their coverage in #Ukraine was biased too.


Scott Place 24.07.2014 06:51

What a nutjob. I see the bar for anchoring this show is pretty low.


Carolyn LaDelle Bennett 23.07.2014 18:50

Carolyn LaDelle Bennett 23.07.2014 18:49

Thanks, Oksana Boyko, for an insightful, stimulating, animated, heated interchange challenging old-school-tied Director of (what!) the “Ethical Journalism Network” Aidan White. WELL DONE. Whose “universal,” Whose “ethics” INDEED! Who created and exacerbated, aided and abetted “crisis” that becomes crises?



Carolyn LaDelle Bennett 23.07.2014 18:49

Thanks, Oksana Boyko, for an insightful, stimulating, animated, heated interchange challenging old-school-tied Director of (what!) the “Ethical Journalism Network” Aidan White. WELL DONE. Whose “universal,” Whose “ethics” INDEED! Who created and exacerbated, aided and abetted “crisis” that become crises?


james 22.07.2014 18:08

problem is that all journalists depend on their funding. Look at these CNN anchors. This Amanpour woman. Being paid millions and living like a queen for being a professional liar. I will start watching western media again when they address the lie of 911. But the only time they address it is to use 911 to tell more lies. And the BBC .... do you remember the BBC actually reporting on the collapse of WTC7 before it happened? My god, we have to listen to more of their lies? But I agree a lot with Mr. White, his intentions are good I think but these journalists love their big bucks coming is for distorting the truth.


Evo Immorales 22.07.2014 09:00

As an Australian, you might wonder why I bother with RT. This is because the West's coming war with Russia will ultimately drag in Australia AGAINST Russia. Our newspaper editorials & halfwit leaders have already declared Putin guilty of downing the Malaysian passenger jet - even though articles in the papers admit that Ukraine bears responsibility for its own airspace!!!!

End result: war for Australia against Indonesia, Malaysia & Bangladesh. Australia will be defeated & the land carved up since no one to help: UK will be obliterated for attacking Russia while USA will fall in civil war (read Dmitri Orlov).


Evo Immorales 22.07.2014 08:54

You've caught him out, Oksana! He is merely hiding the Anglosaxon media agenda of 'West is Best' under the words 'ethical journalism'. General Patton blurted it out in WW2 - the AngloSaxon nations 'will now take their rightful place in the world' i.e. dominating it economically for their own benefit at everyone else's expense. This is why he died soon after; he blurted out the truth too clearly for Aidan White types.

Russ ia's back is against the wall - Putin refuses to drink the West's booze, despite Yeltsin's overdosing on it. West wants Russian oil & gas & will kill Slavs in 100s of millions to get it.


Evo Immorales 22.07.2014 08:48

So White is an 'ethical journalist' - now we know what the words mean. He wants abstract principles applied, specifically the UN Declaration of Human Rights, an abstract feel-good heap of prattle which disguises its fundamental emptiness thru meaningless phrases.

E. g. 'the right to work.' No work has to be provided nor a decent wage paid. Hence the people die in the street of starvation or gunfire at the hands of Global Capitalism (I'm thinking of Ukraine escalating into WW3) but the UN Declaration is NOT violated. UN Declaration merely written by globalizing capitalism to justify subjugating non-West nations.


Kenneth Wiltshire 22.07.2014 02:38

Keep up the great work Oksana. No matter what Mr. White and the western medial thinks, I need RT and you.


Robert Cane 21.07.2014 23:23

Just another Government Mouthpiece.


Malgorzata 21.07.2014 17:01

Hm, yes, I suppose he would like to see RT wasting hours on Putin, his new car, girlfriend, criticizing him for the snow fall + heat wave in Siberia, for the lack of this and that, for personally killing the Malaysian plane passengers. There would be less time for real news that RT is so good at providing.


Jerome Jerome 21.07.2014 05:50

I wonder what Mr. White had to say about another round of Russian bashing from BBC radio 4 at 5:30 am British time 21/07/14.

A n insult to decent objective journalism.There was nothing ethical about it whatsoever. Just the usual BBC bile - Kerry & McCain propaganda. Morning noon and night. The BBC are on a mission: to get it's population to hate every Russian and then we can all go to war on Ukraine soil to save the bankrupt fascists.

T hank you Ms Boyko another great show but I think you let him waffle on to long. In our country we call people like him - bull shitters.


Jack Forest 21.07.2014 04:00

"There has been a virtual blackout on Palestine in the news for years due to heavy-handed pressure by the Jewish lobby. How does Mr. White's office counter such intimidation and protect journalists?"

"Angl osaxons, the Russians are coming....and they demand to be heard and they demand respect! From now on, all your propaganda -- good or bad -- will be subject to relentless scrutiny. All lies will be exposed, all distortions -- will be corrected. It's a multipolar world. Get used to it.
Oksana! You are spectacular! Keep up the great work!"

You are a fantastic journalist Oksana.

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