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Reading salary too small for Arshavin

Published time: December 28, 2012 10:48
Edited time: December 28, 2012 14:48
Arsenal's Russian midfielder Andrey Arshavin (AFP Photo / Glyn Kirk)

Arsenal's Russian midfielder Andrey Arshavin (AFP Photo / Glyn Kirk)

Russian playmaker Andrey Arshavin won’t be swapping Arsenal for Reading this winter as he’s unsatisfied with the salary offered by the side stuck in the English Premier League’s relegation zone.

­Rossiyskay Gazeta newspaper reports the club, owned by the Russian businessman Anton Zingarevich, are eager to pay Arshavin £65,000 per week.

But 31-year-old says it’s not enough as he gets currently has a weekly salary of £80,000 at Arsenal.

Arshavin has long ago lost his place in the Gunners’ starting line up, having made just ten appearances and scoring a single goal this season.

According to, the Russian’s transfer value is estimated at €9 million at the moment.


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