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Magician predicts Euro 2012 playoff results

Published time: July 03, 2012 21:40
Edited time: July 04, 2012 01:40
British magician Dynamo (	
REUTERS/Michael Dalder)

British magician Dynamo ( REUTERS/Michael Dalder)

British magician called Dynamo has proven that miracles do happen, guessing the outcome of each of the seven games in the Euro 2012 playoffs.

­The illusionist not only named all the winners, but predicted two penalty shootouts in the quarterfinals and even foresaw that Spain would win the final against Italy by two or more goals.

The 29-year-old left a filled betting slip with the staff of the UK’s ITV network before the beginning of the playoffs.

Two weeks later, he was back in the studio to reveal his trick before the amazed hosts of the This Morning show.

“Just before the quarter-finals on June 21, I placed a £1 bet on the outcome. To get odds of 10,000-1, I had to do an accumulator bet,”
the magician is cited as saying by the Daily Mail.

Dynamo, whose real name is Steven Frayne, promised to donate his £10,000 jackpot to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

So far, the magician’s most famous stunt has been walking across the River Thames.


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